AMA Computer College in Bacolod City - Philippines

One of the renowned tertiary schools in Bacolod City that specialize in computer-related academic programs, AMA Computer College offers different baccalaureate degrees, associate courses, and technical education to students in the area. For people who are in nearby cities like Cebu City, Silay City, and Dumaguete City who want to look at the facilities of this educational institution, they can take flights from the airports of the cities going to Bacolod City. Meanwhile, those who can allot sufficient time for their travel can cruise from these cities to Bacolods seaport. As people reach the airport or the seaport, they can easily find taxis that can transport them to the campus of the school, or they can ride in buses or jeepneys that will travel along San Agustin Street at North Drive where they can find AMA Computer College Bacolod.

For individuals who like to enroll in this tertiary school in Bacolod City, they can choose from different academic programs and baccalaureate degrees like Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Information Management Major in Web Application Development, as well as Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Major in Network Administration. Aside from these, it also offers Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Computer Science, and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. On the other hand, for students who prefer to take diploma courses or two-year courses accredited by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, AMA Computer College Bacolod offers Diploma in Business and Information Management, Diploma in Computer Based Accountancy, as well as Diploma in Computer System Design and Programming.

This educational institution is very popular not just in Bacolod City but also in the other regions of the Philippines. The first campus of this school was established and found on October 20, 1980 at Shaw Boulevard. Some of the academic programs that it has offered during this time are Technology Career, Electronic Data Processing, as well as Basic Programming. The expansion of this school in Philippine provinces began in 1994. Since then, it offered baccalaureate degrees to students in some of the major cities of the country including Bacolod City.

To enroll in any of the four-year courses available at AMA Computer College Bacolod, students should prepare 20,000 pesos to 30,000 pesos for the tuition fee. However, to help deserving but financially challenged students, this tertiary school in Bacolod City provides financial grants and scholarships. For inquiries, students can contact its admission staff at (034) 434-7911.