Apollo's Restaurant in Bacolod City - Philippines

Definitely one of the most trusted dining facilities in Bacolod City, Apollo Restaurant has several branches within the nearby areas including one in Gonzaga, another in Cuadra, and one in Hilado. More than anything else, this Bacolod restaurant chain serves tasty authentic Chinese and Filipino cuisines. One of its specialties is Pansit, packed with a number of great-tasting ingredients like carrots and chopped cabbage. With a budget of less than 400 pesos, its customers can already indulge in many delightful dishes including appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

Apollo Restaurant in Bacolod City boasts of many scrumptious in-house specialties. For those who are craving for special chicken dishes, they may want to try the enticing Lemon Chicken of this Bacolod restaurant. Meanwhile, it also serves a unique Chinese treat called Sun Yat Sen Noodles. For snacks, its customers may want to order a highly satisfying treat called Lomi. For those who want a taste of authentic Filipino delicacies, they can always try special meals including Sweet and Sour Pork as well as Bam-I. One of the many reasons why people prefer to wine and dine inside this place is its reasonable prices, without compromising the quality of its services and the taste of its food.

The ambiance inside Apollo Restaurant in Bacolod City is very nice. Year after year, this Bacolod restaurant continues to receive positive reviews for its clean facilities, efficient services, and high quality food standards. Aside from being dressed properly, the food servers inside this place are quite fast and very respectful. This dining facility offers clean and convenient comfort rooms, comfortable chairs, and presentable tables. Because of its lively and cheerful atmosphere, this restaurant is recommended for special family events, barkada food trips, and other fun-filled occasions. Different kinds of beverages are also served inside this place including juices, iced teas, and soft drinks.

Apollo Restaurant has three major branches in Bacolod City, one of which is within the area of Gonzaga, the other one in Cuadra, and another in Hilado. These branches are so close to many remarkable lodging facilities including standard-class hotels Northwest Inn, Business Inn, and Hotel Alhambra. At the same time, this Bacolod restaurant chain is also situated near budget hotels such as Prominence Inn, Check Inn Pension, and Bacolod Executive Inn. Moreover, there are also various tourist inns found within the surrounding areas like Regency Plaza Inn, Saltimboca Pension, and Bacolod Kings Hotel.

People can contact the Hilado branch of Apollo Restaurant in Bacolod City by calling the telephone number (034)-435-4732. Meanwhile, they can also call the Cuadra branch of this Bacolod restaurant by dialing the phone line (034)-435-4889. On the other hand, the Gonzaga branch can be reached thru (034)-435-4890.