Association of Negros Producers in Bacolod City - Philippines

The Association of Negros Producers is one of the most famous enterprises in Bacolod City that specialize in manufacturing and selling local handicrafts, delicacies, and furnishings. To lure customers to purchase its products, it opens a specialty and retail shop known as the Negros Showroom in a strategic and commercial area of the city. This showroom is open seven days a week inside Lourdes C. Building at Lacson Street in Bacolod. For individuals who will be coming from other major cities in the Philippines like Manila City and Cebu City, they can reach the city easily if they take scheduled flights at domestic airports bound to Bacolod airport. Another way of reaching the city is by riding in boats bound to the citys seaport. From the locations, tourists will not have hassles finding the showroom since there are taxis that can bring or transport people directly to the place.

As they enter the Bacolod shopping place, customers can find numerous beautiful, attractive, and cheap products. This is one of the nice places to see if tourists are in search for affordable keepsakes and gifts such as handbags, jewelry boxes, and baskets. Besides these items, the Association of Negros Producers also manufactures home decorations kitchenwares including plates, bowls, and decorative trays. When it comes to house furnishings and furniture, shoppers will not be disappointed since they can buy cheap tables, chairs, and cabinets, which are made from high quality materials at Negros Showroom.

People who like to buy cheap but fashionable accessories, this Bacolod shopping place sells necklaces and bracelets that are made from pearls, precious stones, and gems. Finally, local tourists and foreigners who are eager to taste the delectable, sweet and pleasant tasting delicacies and treats at Negros Occidental, they can buy boat tarts, barquillos, and banana cakes at the showroom.

For people who like to order or buy home furnishings manufactured by the Association of Negros Producers, they need to allot 1,000 pesos to 10,000 pesos. However, customers who are after the keepsakes, handicrafts, and accessories at Negros Showroom, they can buy several items for as low as 500 pesos. With the desire of promoting the local products of Negros Occidental, the association continues to attract entrepreneurs to become members of the group. For inquiries, complaints, or suggestions, individuals can reach the any of the members of the association at (034) 434-1000. To have a glance at the products available at the Bacolod shopping place, people are encouraged to visit its website at