Bacoloadiat Festival in Bacolod City - Philippines

Bacolod City is known in the Philippines as the City of Smiles. It is located in the province of Negros Occidental in Visayas. It is actually the most popular place in Western Visayas for it is the cleanest, greenest and the most urbanized Visayan City. It is very easy to go to Bacolod from Manila. The fastest way is of course by plane. Most major airline companies offer flights to Bacolod City. It is only a 45 minute flight from the National Capital Region to the Bacolod Silay International Airport which will be the only destination for air travel. If you prefer to travel by sea, it will be slower for you have to wait a 22-24 hour ferry ride but at a much lower cost. You can also easily go there from Angeles City and Cebu City.

One of the major festivities in Bacolod is the Bacalaodiat Festival which is being celebrated every spring as a way to celebrate the Chinese New Year. There are plenty of activities that await visitors during this time. They create fun activities derived from both Filipino and Chinese Culture. Activities done in the Bacalaodiat Festival includes: Lantern Parade, Lion Dance, Street Dancing Competition, Fireworks Display, and the Chopstick Alley that showcases both Filipino and Chinese Food.

The word Bacalaodiat was derived from the words Bacolod and Lao diat which is a Fookien word for Sinadya (Ilonggo) meaning, big celebration. The Bacalaodiat Festival began only four years ago with the aim developing good Filipino-Chinese relationship and of course to improve tourism in the city. It was started by the Chinese community in Bacolod and it showed a lot about Chinese culture and history.

There are a lot of very affordable travel deals going to Bacolod City especially when there are up and coming feasts like the Bacalaodiat Festival. The sea fare from major ferries ranges from 800-3000 pesos depending on ticket class. Airfare would depend on airline promotions since it changes depending on the season. Hotel fees are also very cheap and mostly come with free breakfast. Single hotel rooms can actually be as low as 1000 pesos. Food is very good and is everywhere since the place is highly urbanized. Many restaurants and fast food can be found in the city.

The City of Smiles will surely give the biggest smile as you enter their humble place. The Bacalaodiat Festival is definitely a good reason to visit Bacolod City. They also have the famous Maskara Festival that has been celebrated for many years. Bacolods locals are very friendly and hospitable so you are sure to get a very warm welcome and happy stay in the city. Also, with all the activities prepared for the Bacalaodiat Festival, you will not regret your stay. So if you are planning on going for a fun trip, theres no other place for fun but Bacolod City, the City of Smiles.