Bacolod Beaches - Philippines

What makes Bacolod such an attractive place to stay in, apart from the natural beauty of the city and its surroundings, is that it is in close proximity to some of the grandest beaches in Negros. Even those that are quite a distance away are now easily reachable by car, so getting to that ideal beach has never been easier.

Tambobo Beach

Very close to Siaton, Tambobo Beach is often one of the first items on the itinerary of Baccolod City tourists, and for several good reasons.

The sands on Tambobo Beach are some of the purest and clearest, and the same can be said for the waters that encompass it. The soothing atmosphere has made it a hotbed of activity, from sailing to surfing the waves, to just sunbathing and completing the picture are several first class resorts and restaurants.

Antulang Beach

For sheer beauty, few beaches in Bacolod, Negros come close to the visual spectacle that is Antulang Beach.

Among the many eye catching features of this beach are the rocks that lie across its shore. Looking like pieces of a giant puzzle, the black rocks provide a nice contrast to the greenish hue of the wares. Antulang beach is perfect for swimming and diving, and also a great place to watch the sun go down, as various hues and colors emerge.

Punta Ballo Beach

Punta Ballo beach is one of the most famous tourist attractions in
Bacolod, and it is a status that is truly well deserved.

Its white sand beach, despite the influx of visitors, has retained their beauty and natural state. The waters are perfect for swimmers, even beginners, and for those more experienced, going diving or snorkeling is another activity to forward to engaging in.

Sipalay Beach

From Bacolod it is only a short journey to the town of Sipalay, which hosts several beaches that are quickly becoming tourist hotspots.

The pristine waters of Sipalay, coupled with underwater corals and marine life that are a photographer’s dream, have led to the development of several facilities, including cottages and resorts. Those who are looking for first class amenities to go along with swimming and partying on the sands would feel right at home in Sipalay beach.

La Vista Del Mar

If you are staying in Bacolod City, be sure to visit Bayawan City and spend some time at La Vista del mar.

The name means “the view from the sea”, and it is quite a view indeed. Some prefer to visit this beach in mornings and enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean; others opt to laze in the sand in the afternoons, while still others prefer the coolness of the evening air. Day or night, it is always guaranteed you’ll enjoy yourself at this famous beach.

Sipaway Island

This island is also known as Refugio Island, but by whatever name it is called, this beach has always been a favorite among the people of Bacolod.

There are plenty of activities and attractions in Sipaway Island. These include an ancient Balete tree, subject of numerous legends and folklore, there is also a wharf, recreational facilities and some beach resorts. The highlight of course, is the beach itself, with its sand and untainted waters. Whether you want to go snorkeling, scuba diving or just swimming, Sipaway Island beach won’t let you down.

Isla Puti

Some 50 miles from Bacolod City is Isla Puti (White Island), a sanctuary for lovers of nature.

The small island is best renowned for its sandy coastline, but those who like to go swimming will see plenty of diverse marine life including several types of planktons and other sea creatures.

As wonderful a place as Bacolod is, there are even more wonders within reach, such as these beautiful beaches. Indeed, the City of Smiles serves as the perfect starting point for all the sights, sounds and thrills in Negros.

Sipalay Beach

What can be expected from one of the beaches that can be found in Bacolod like the Sipalay Beach? Well, for beginners and professional divers, a good diving site is the Sipalay Beach. This beautiful Bacolod beach is such a beautiful place for you to unwind and commune with nature’s best. Just imagine yourself enjoying a leisurely walk along the long stretch of sand and waddling in the crystal clear waters of the beach, and you are taken back to that wonderful experience that you want to relive again and again. Going there isn’t that difficult. You just need to remember that Sipalay is at the western side of Negros, an island in the Western Visayas part of the Philippines. You can easily go there by plane for a quicker travel route. Traveling on land is also a good choice for those who do not mind a longer travel time.

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Punta Ballo Beach

The Punta Ballo Beach is just near Tinagong Dagat in Bacolod. Its fine powdery-white sands and untainted waters make this beautiful Bacolod beach such a pleasure to go to. That is why many locals around the area and even visitors from foreign countries choose to visit this place, and stay a day or two – making it included as one of the popular tourist attractions in the Philippines. Aside from swimming, deep-sea photography is also a favorite thing to do at this place. The beach is also a favorite spot for scuba divers who like to explore the deep and be part of that magical world below its waters where a rich and exotic marine life thrives.

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La Vista Del Mar

The beautiful Bacolod beach known as La Vista Del Mar is another popular destination that captivates many people who choose to visit Bacolod. Its name is a Spanish term which refers to “the view from the sea.” Its sand is quite refined, which makes it a perfect place to sit or lay down to enjoy the sun’s gentle heat or wait for the sunset to embrace the land. Its waters are also quite mesmerizing. Just gazing at it makes you want to splash in its waters and swim to your heart’s delight. You may choose to go alone here and enjoy your time on your own. Or, you may bring along your family and friends and have a wonderful party for one whole day or more.

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Llacaon Island

Llacaon or Lakawon Island is known to be one of the beautiful beaches in Bacolod. Its name is actually a Cebuano terminology which means “to walk.” It’s a 13-hectare island that can be found just off the coast of Cadiz City in the area. It is actually known for many things like its banana-shaped form, and its white sands and calming waters that are definitely appealing to many visitors and locals. Going there is not that difficult. In fact, you may merely need to take a localized motor boat or pump boat that would take you about twenty (20) minutes from the coast of Barangay Cadiz Viejo. The place is delighfully equipped with cottages for couples or big groups of families and friends. There are also various types of fresh and tempting seafoods that you can eat. Or, you may simply choose to have a hearty fare of the International or Filipino cuisine that is also offered in the place.

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Tambobo Beach

The Tambobo Beach is another of those beautiful beaches in Bacolod. Some of the things that you can enjoy doing here is to join the many residents or tourists who go sailing, surfing, sunbathing and more. It’s simply thrilling to engage in these water activities at this place because it is so convenient for such. Moreover, most foreigners who own their own yachts love this place so much and have chosen this to be a natural harbor. That is why it’s not surprising that many have known this place to be a boating centre in the Visayan part of the Philippines.

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Antulang Beach

Located near Dumaguete, about 40 kilometers south from that place, you will see another of those beautiful beaches in Bacolod, which is known to local residents as the Antulang Beach. Its cool turquoise-blue color of the waters of the sea is really enticing that you would actually be willing to jump in and explore its wonderful offers. If you love to see different sea creatures, you might be pleased to know that there are many of these in the waters of Antulang Beach. A resident dolphin is just one of the many surprises that you can see in its waters. Sometimes, you may even get to see a jumping sailfish. With this beach, there is so many to see that you can come home truly refreshed and willing to come back again for more.

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Isla Puti

Considered as one of the top five beautiful beaches in Bacolod, the Isla Puti is really a good choice to go to when you need to relax with friends and family. Aptly named as such, the Isla Puti or White Island has the most spotless sand in the city of Bacolod. Coral reefs adorn the place and make it a perfect spot for divers and swimmers alike.

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