Bacolod Chicken Inasal - Philippines

For yummy chicken barbecue and other delicious Filipino dishes, one of the top choices to make is Bacolod Chicken Inasal in Bacolod City. Situated along 17th Lacson Street, this premier Bacolod restaurant specializes in the so-called Chicken Inasal, which comes in different types including Baticolon or Chicken Gizzard, Atay or Chicken Liver, and Petso or Chicken Wings. In addition, it also serves an assortment of tasty appetizers like Crablets in Oyster Sauce, Chikyninees, and Mangga Ensalada with Bagoong, all within the price range of 79 pesos to 115 pesos. Furthermore, it also serves different types of hot soups such as Sinigang sa Batwan, La Paz Batchoy, and Laswa ni Lola.

In addition to all these tasty and delightful treats, Bacolod Chicken Inasal in Bacolod City also offers a variety of noodle and vegetable dishes, some of the most notable are Pancit Efuven, Adobong Kangkong, and Lumpia Ubod. For customers who love seafood treats, this impressive Bacolod restaurant serves Sizzling Bangus Belly for 175 pesos, Sizzling Boneless Bangus for 165 pesos, and Grilled Blue Marlin for 99.50 pesos only. Of course, a topnotch dining facility such as this is incomplete without chicken, beef, and pork delicacies. Some of its most enticing treats include Sirloin Beef Tapa for 165 pesos, Pork Steak ni Inday for 139 pesos, and Chicken Pork Adobo Flakes for 129 pesos.

The ambiance inside Bacolod Chicken Inasal in Bacolod City is really nice, combining a cozy, cheerful, and casual feel that will leave everyone very much satisfied. The facilities inside this Bacolod restaurant are properly maintained, allowing its customers to enjoy whatever they order. This place is perfect for family gatherings, barkada gimmicks, and other joyous occasions. It has nice tables and chairs, clean comfort rooms, and nice floorings. Aside from the main entrees, this dining facility also serves enticing desserts such as Ice Cream Banana Medley, Halo-Halo with Ice Cream, and Buko Pandan Delight.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal is conveniently located along 17th Lacson Street in Bacolod City. After indulging in sumptuous and appetizing treats, its customers can easily book at any of the nearest hotels and tourist inns like Regency Plaza Inn, Saltimboca Pension, and Bacolod Kings Hotel. Add to that, this Bacolod restaurant is also near affordable pension houses such as Ester Pension, Balay Pueblo Rosario, and 11th Bed and Breakfast.

For those who want to see what other special treats are available inside Bacolod Chicken Inasal in Bacolod City, they can visit the restaurants official website For questions, requests, and comments about this inviting Bacolod restaurant, people can call its telephone number (034)-434-8256.