Bacolod City College - Philippines

The key to the success of a city lies in how well prepared their citizens are for the challenges ahead. With the establishment of the Bacolod City College, the government has taken the steps necessary for ensuring that their youth the leaders of tomorrow- are well equipped to handle the tasks before them.


The college was created in 1997 by way of an ordinance (No. 175), the primary purpose being to give poor but gifted students the opportunity to pursue their education. Even though it is a public school, the quality of education and courses offered are set to high standards and this is ensured by the continuous upgrading of the teachers skill levels thanks to their special programs and conventions.

The Bacolod City College has recently purchased an edifice at Barangay Sum-ag. The new classroom comes with numerous amenities like steel chairs, office equipment, electric fans and other facilities. The government is also providing the necessary books, school equipment and other utilities needed by the teachers and students.

Aside from the various school courses, the school offers its students the chance to learn and understand the values that are necessary to become productive members of society. As part of this curriculum, there is an ongoing program aimed at teaching the students the importance of having a clean and green environment. There is also a feeding program that has been instituted. Other important features of the school are the First Teachers Day, the Charter Day Parade and many others.

Those who want to participate in the school have to go through an entrance examination, and of course they must also present valid identification cards.

Location and Courses Offered

The Bacolod City College currently has two campuses: the Taculing Campus is at Taculing Road at Barangay Taculing while the Sum-ag Campus is located at Barangay Sum-ag.

According to official school records, over 1,600 students enrolled. Among the courses that students can avail of are the following: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, Computer Secretarial, Teacher Education, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Office Administration. The school is open (mostly) to applicants whose family has an annual income of Php 60,000 and below. The prospective student must be a Filipino citizen. The expenses are paid for the local government.

Getting an education is the best assurance one can have for a better future. At the Bacolod City College, one is given that chance, regardless of their status in life.