Bacolod / Negros Diving - Philippines

There are numerous dive sites in the Philippines, and some of the very best can be found throughout Negros Occidental. When you stay at Bacolod City, its capital, you stand at the threshold of these captivating dive sites.

Broccoli Reef

This dive site is highly recommended for those that enjoy an underwater view of both corals and myriad forms of marine life.

This famous Negros/Bacolod dive site earned its name from the presence of the Dendronephthya, soft corals that resemble broccoli. For fish enthusiasts there are several featherstars, rays, and other marine creatures including snakes and shrimps.

Calong I, II and III

These interconnected dive sites are well suited for diving in both morning and evening, with plenty to explore and see.

With several coral reefs below, the bottom of this dive site, one of the most visited now in all of Bacolod, has become the home of not just corals of all shapes, sizes and colors, but also sponges, pufferfish and several types of reef fish.

Polo I and II (Negros Oriental)

If you are in Bacolod City just head south (6-8 hours) and you will eventually find yourself at Polo I and II in the Sibulan area, one of the most popular destinations for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Polo I and II actually consist of two underwater knolls in the waters. To see them you need to go in deep starting at about 5 meters (about 15 ft) to 30 meters (100 ft). Once you get to the spot you will see the mounds covered by all sorts of corals including tablecorals and gorgonians. There are also an enormous amount of plankton and fish.

The Sibulan House Reef (Negros Oriental)

The Sibulan area contains a cluster of some of the best dive sites in Negros, and one of them is the Sibulan House Reef.

Going down at a level of 20 meters (66 feet) lies the rocky/sandy bottom and it is noted for being filled with sea grass and corals.

While it is beautiful in the mornings, it is extraordinary in the evenings. Night diving at the Sibulan House Reef will reveal not just the usual school of fish but also spider crabs, shells, anemones, Spanish Dancers, basket stars, and even squids.

Dauin (Negros Oriental)

Situated near Apo, the Dauin dive center is the place to go if you want to look for more exotic inhabitants of the deep.

The slope goes down some 30 meters (100 ft) and near that area will be plenty of seahorses, usually adjacent to some sponge. Other rare creatures you’ll see here are ghostpope fish, the harlekin, cuttlefish, and rare types of lionfish.

Coconut Plant Jetty (Negros Oriental)

Located in Dauin in Negros, this is the dive site for adventurers and explorers.

While diving under a coconut processing plant may seem unusual to some, those who venture into the deep will be rewarded with views of numerous coral reefs, and several rare sea creatures including the frogfish and scorpionfish.

El Dorado House Reef (Negros Oriental)

What the El Dorado House Reefs lacks in physical size is more than compensated for by its sheer beauty.

Upon descending 20 meters (66 ft), the underwater explorer will come across a bottom of pure black sand, very rare for a dive site. In addition there is a staghorncoral field, coralblocks, plenty of grass, and an assortment of fish, including, but not limited to Clown frogfish, coinbearing frogfish, nudibranchs, crabs shrimps, and even crocodile snake eels.

These are just some of the best dive sites in and around Bacolod. As you explore the city and its environs, be sure to spend some time going around and dropping by these areas for some serious deep sea adventures.