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Generally recognized as the largest city in Negros Occidental, Bacolod City plays host to several commendable colleges and universities. To meet the growing demands for high standard education in the city, these prestigious educational institutions offer excellent research programs as well as extensive academic programs. Moreover, some of these schools also offer grants and scholarships, which are largely beneficial for financially challenged but diligent students.

Collegio San Agustin-Bacolod

Located along B. S. Aquino Drive in Bacolod City, Collegio San Agustin-Bacolod is one of the known and leading private tertiary schools in the province of Negros Occidental. In order to develop the skills and potentials of its students, this educational institution offers first-rate undergraduate courses, which include Bachelor of Science in Information System, Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, and Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. Furthermore, this prestigious college also features a Learning Resource Center, which is very much conducive for study and other important research works. All of these efforts contribute to the general well-being of its students, as well as the promotion of high quality education.

AMA Computer College

The blurb you’ll find on the AMA Computer College, now AMA Computer University, web site boasts of its being the biggest ICT university in the whole of Asia. The university has 200 branches spread all over the Philippines. You can be sure to find one of their schools in one of the major cities of the country. The student population in this school system is estimated to be more than 150,000 and rising. It is one of the popular schools in Bacolod.

AMA Computer College only started out with 13 computers in a humble location in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. The school began its operations in 1980 and has now spread into various key locations in the country. They mainly offer information technology courses but have since added various fields of study among their course offerings. They also have one of their schools located in Bacolod City. Their Bacolod Campus is located on #8 San Agustin Street.

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Bacolod City College

The Bacolod City College is one of the many tertiary schools within the metropolitan area of Bacolod. This school was established in 1997 and is operated by the city’s local government. It was established via one of the ordinances of the city, namely number 175, which is otherwise known as the Charter of Bacolod City College.

Students in the city who are looking for rather cheaper education options may look into one these community schools in Bacolod. In the Philippines, a school of this type usually offers elementary and secondary education during the day. The college courses are usually offered at night employing the very same members of the faculty. The city government doesn’t have to spend on a new school building since it uses an already established school building.

This community college is tasked to provide the needed education to well-deserving but poor students of the community. The tuition fees in this school are subsidized thus students will only pay for a fraction of the original tuition and other fees. The Bacolod City College has a staff of 30 members in its faculty and has about 1,500 students under its wing.

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Bacolod Christian College of Negros

This is one of the private schools in Bacolod City. It has been providing education for the citizens of the city since 1954. It has a faculty of 54 teachers and specialists. The school has about 1,090 students each year with its estimates further growing. It is one of the schools in Bacolod that offers both elementary and high school education. It was founded as a Baptist pre-school and a community center.

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Carlos Hilado Memorial State College

Noted for being the only state college in the province of Negros Occidental, the Carlos Hilado Memorial State College provides higher education and training in science, agricultural and industrial fields as well as short-term vocational courses. This institute of higher learning is actually a merger of four educational institutions. The first is the Negros Occidental School of Arts and Trades, which was created by virtue of a law enacted in 1954 that was authored by Representative Carlos A. Hilado. Then in 1984, Batas Pambansa No. 477 created the Paglaum State College which essentially merged the Negros Occidental School of Arts and Trades in Talisay City with the Bacolod City National Trade School in Alijis and the Provincial Community College located in Fortune Town in Bacolod City. Ten years later, Republic Act No. 7707 renamed the Paglaum State College to Carlos Hilado Memorial State College, or CHMSC, in honor of Representative Hilado who had earlier authored the law creating the first Bacolod trade school. On November 24, 2000, the fourth educational institution was integrated with CHMSC with the acquisition of the Negros Occidental School of Fisheries in Binalbagan. The administrative seat of the state college is located in Talisay City and has satellite campuses in Alijis and Fortune Town in Bacolod City and in Binalbagan, a bustling municipality south of Bacolod City.

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John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation

Starting out as an extension campus of the Iloilo Maritime Academy in Iloilo City, the John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation in Bacolod, or JBLCF- Bacolod, is a private maritime college that is actually a component school of the John B. Lacson Foundation, Inc. system. This Bacolod maritime school traces its beginnings in 1948 when Captain Juan B Lacson who is a Master Mariner and his brother Frank, founded the Iloilo Maritime Academy in Iloilo City. In 1972, the maritime academy established its Arevalo unit followed in 1974 by the Bacolod unit and the Molo unit in 1976. In 1991, the Puerto del Mar unit in Guimaras was established . Three years later, all these individual units of maritime learning were integrated into the John B. Lacson Foundation, Inc. system. This school system now offers courses that would cater to the demands of the country’s maritime industry such as: B.S. in Marine Transp., B.S. in Marine Engineering, B.S. in Customs Administration, B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Major in Cruise Ship Services, and one-year or vocational courses in Catering or Stewarding.

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Riverside College

Among the many Bacolod schools, Riverside College has the distinction of being the first private medical college that is affiliated with a teaching hospital, it being owned and managed by the Dr. Pablo O. Torre Memorial Hospital, which was formerly known as the Riverside Medical Center. The medical college traces its beginnings in the 1950s when Dr. Pablo O. Torre, Sr. started his medical practice in a small clinic in Bacolod. When the clinic expanded into the Riverside General Hospital, the Riverside College was established to provide a source of competent staff that would run the hospital, which became a teaching hospital for the nursing and midwifery courses of this Bacolod medical school, which were initially non-baccalaureate offerings. In response to the rising demand for health care services, the School of Nursing was opened for baccalaureate degree and associate courses were offered in the areas of Nutrition and Dietetics, Radiologic Technology, Health Aide and Medical Secretarial courses. Soon degree courses in Physical Therapy, Psychology, Medical Technology were also offered as well as certificate courses in Environmental Health and Home Health Care.

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VMA Global College

Located along Earl Carol Street within Sum-ag in Bacolod City, VMA Global College is one of the topnotch tertiary schools in the province that specializes in Maritime Sciences. Three of the exemplary undergraduate programs available in this beautiful educational institution are Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation, Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Major in Convention and Travel Management. For students who want to excel in other fields such as Business Management and Information Technology, the college also offers highly outstanding courses such as Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, as well as Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology.

STI College

This is an information technology based school in Bacolod and is the largest IT school in the country. This school’s curriculum covers other courses other than those that are related to computer science. Courses like engineering, health care, business studies, and education are also part of its curriculum offerings. Its Bacolod Campus is located in 26 Lacson Street, which is very accessible to students and faculty members.

STI College’s Bacolod campus does not offer all the course offerings found in its education system. Would be students will rather have a limited option as to the courses they can take in this said campus. However, the course offerings in the Bacolod campus are the best courses STI offers, which include Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Computer and Electronics Technology, and two-year Information Technology.

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University of Negros Occidental

This school in Bacolod has for its motto ‘Caritas et Scientia’, which simply translates into charity and science. This school was established in 1941 during the American occupation of the Philippines. It is one of the catholic schools in the country that has been around for a bit of a while.

The school is run by Augustinian recollects with a staff of approximately 500 professionals. Its undergraduates number to about 10,000 while its body of postgraduates number to around 1,000. The school is located along Lizares Avenue in Bacolod City. Course offerings include elementary, high school, law, business, criminology, education, engineering, nursing, and graduate studies among others.

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University of Saint La Salle

This is another fine school in Bacolod, which is a private school with a Roman Catholic affiliation. This school is also another one of the older schools in the city. It was founded in 1952, just several years after the Second World War. The school’s motto is ‘Excellence with a Soul, Competence with Compassion.’

The school’s staff number around 576 professional employees while its student body is at an estimated 12, 657. These population figures for this school are expected to grow as the years roll by. The campus grounds cover a total area of 100,000 square meters. Academic degree programs are offered via the seven major colleges in the school. Graduate studies are also offered here as well.

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West Negros University

Situated along Burgos Street in the City of Bacolod, West Negros University is one of the most popular and meritorious educational institutions in Negros Occidental. With the aim of helping students excel in their various fields of interest, this premier university offers outstanding academic programs as well as high quality curriculums. Three of the most popular academic programs available here are Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Public Administration. Aside from its laudable baccalaureate degrees, West Negros University also offers some of the finest post-graduate academic programs in the area such as Master in Nursing and Doctor in Public Administration.

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