Bacolod Golf and Country Club - Philippines

There are several golf courses in the City of Smiles, but the Bacolod Golf and Country Club has become one of the perennial favorites, owing as much to the course as the view. Well known by golfing enthusiasts, it will be a pleasant surprise for even non players.

What to See

The main attraction here definitely, is the course itself. It has 18 holes and has been arranged in such a way as to make it accommodating to new players. While the golf lovers will relish playing, the causal tourist will also get to savor the vistas.

The soft greens are very cool and refreshing to the eyes; meanwhile, the 33 hectare land is covered by some of the most pristine trees you will see. The ones around the fairways in the Bacolod Golf and Country Club are striking and make for stunning pictures.

Even those that are not regular players will be taken in by the scenery. The combination of the eucalyptus trees lined up side by side make for a beautiful and breathtaking vista especially as it stands beneath the white puffy clouds and the light blue skies covering the majestic landscape.

Other features of the club are the swimming pool and a restaurant where fine food and cuisine is served daily. Of course there is also a clubhouse and locker rooms for the players of the game. These may be considered part of most courses, but here they have become attractions in their own right.

Location and Cost

The Bacolod Golf and Country Club is located at the Hda. Binitin in Murica in Negros. As it has become one of the major tourist attractions in the city, it has become one of the frequent destinations of tourist and of course, golf lovers. If you want to visit it, you can simply hire the services of a taxi to take you there.

The cost will be at least Php 120. A jeepney will cost less at Php 20. As is the case with most golf courses, play is restricted to members and their immediate kin. However, the place can be viewed and visited by tourists and one can always apply for membership.

Even those who do not play the game will be enchanted by the view at the Bacolod Golf and Country Club. With its perfect blend of recreation and leisure, it can be one site you will be visiting repeatedly.