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Riverside Medical Center Hospital

Located at B.S. Aquino Drive is a prominent Bacolod hospital with 300 beds. This is the Riverside Medical Center Hospital founded by Dr. Pablo O. Torre, Sr. with good leadership in providing excellent and quality medical and health care services to the people of Bacolod and neighboring provinces.

It begins as an 8-bed clinic which rises to become a prestigious 300-bed medical center with extension on tertiary education services. The Riverside Medical Center Hospital is the Bacolod hospital that specializes in diagnostics and treatment with upgraded facilities and hospital equipment to serve their patients with quality care services as a premier Bacolod hospital.

For years the management of Riverside Medical Center Hospital continued to provide dedicated services in upgrading their medical facilities with qualified medical staff. Doctors with extensive major specializations and sub-specialties assure patients that they are at the hands of the most qualified medical staff in a Bacolod hospital.

Riverside Medical Center Hospital has a five storey modern Medical Arts Building that houses their satellite pharmacy, 95 outpatient clinics and outpatient diagnostic laboratory. In-patient room accommodation provides complete amenities that give the patients the best comfort during their treatment at Riverside Medical Center Hospital.

Riverside Medical Center Hospital also serves as the training and teaching facility of Riverside College which is also owned and managed by the Riverside Medical Center Hospital. The Riverside College was also officially noted as the first school affiliated with a teaching hospital in Bacolod City.

The Riverside Medical Center Hospital has become the training ground of future medical professionals who are to serve the country and the people of Bacolod their expertise in medical field through the help of the state of the art facilities of the Riverside Medical Center Hospital.

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Bacolod Adventist Medical Center

Another Bacolod hospital worthy of mentioning is the Bacolod Adventist Medical Center has a 120 bed capacity and is the only ISO 9001:2000 certified hospital in the whole Central Philippines. This Bacolod hospital offers both acute care and general medical services and managed by the Adventist Health System in Asia. They have about 300 employees with more than 200 in-house and visiting competent doctors and medical consultants.

Being one among the leading Bacolod hospitals and health care facility in Negros Occidental Bacolod Adventist Medical Center is able to provide state of the art medical and diagnostic facilities that are meant to provide comprehensive, reliable and quality medical treatments to their patients.

The Bacolod Adventist Medical Center is oriented and mission driven with their health services that are not only merely confined within their hospital establishment but also extend to the community the complete medical and dental services as part of their charity work and outreach programs.

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Doctors Hospital

This hospital is located along B.S. Aquino Drive. This is one of the most trusted hospitals in Bacolod City. It is certified by many healthcare providers and is accredited by many healthcare companies. It has a total capacity of 150 hospital beds.

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Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital (CLMMRH)

The Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital is the sole government owned tertiary hospital in Negros Occidental and is located in Bacolod City. This Bacolod hospital has a 400 bed capacity and has become the main end referral government hospital for serious condition and complicated cases in the province.

Being a government owned Bacolod hospital about 70% of their patients are charity and indigent patients. The Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital is often short of manpower in their medical staff owing to the continuous surge of incoming patients that needed medical treatment at a hospital that can provide them medical facilities and health care at reasonable costs.

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Owing to shortage in government funds and most charity patients are not able to pay ample amount that will help the hospital generate funds to improve its hospital facilities, the Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital does not have state of the art medical and health care facilities as most private hospitals in Bacolod City.

Much improvement are needed on this Bacolod hospitals medical equipments and facilities but they basically offer general health services but lack of medical and laboratory equipment for special medical cases.