Bacolod Hotels and Resorts - Philippines

Located within the wonderful province of Negros Occidental, Bacolod City is home to some of the finest hotels and resorts that cater to the booming tourism industry in the area. Throughout the years, these hospitality service providers continuously thrive on their dedication and passion for providing world-class accommodations, high quality services, and topnotch facilities. By staying at any of these first-rate hotels, people can be sure of a safe, convenient, and pleasant stay while exploring the different exciting things that Bacolod has to offer.

L’Fisher Hotel

Situated along Lacson Street in the beautiful Bacolod City, L’Fisher Hotel is a top-rank hospitality service provider that takes great pride on the excellent services and accommodations that it consistently provides to its valued guests and visitors. Add to that, the place regularly receives great praises for the cleanliness and tip-top condition of its hotel facilities and amenities. Inside, people can find 100 elegant, clean, and very comfortable rooms where they can relax and have fun while enjoying the beauty of Bacolod. Starting at $57, people can already experience wonderful facilities such as a comfy coffee shop, a cozy bar, and an enjoyable swimming pool.

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Costa Aguada Island Resort

Located at Inampulugan Island, Costa Aguada Island Resort is an excellent hospitality service provider that is very much accessible from Bacolod City. Inside this beautiful place, people can find serene, peaceful, yet highly enjoyable surroundings that are complemented by the outstanding facilities of the place such as a poolside bar, a huge swimming pool, and a horse-riding stable. Among the several restaurants within the area, tourists and guests will surely love the Coconut Pavilion, which serves delectable and exquisite seafood delicacies. Overall, there are 68 wonderful rooms to choose from, each of which is equipped with balconies, satellite television sets, and air-conditioning units. With customer satisfaction as its main priority, the standard room rates start from as low as $35 to $40.

Palmas del Mar Hotel

Found along JR Torres Avenue, Palmas del Mar Hotel is definitely one of the grandest hotels in Bacolod City. Inside this perfect getaway from the busy city life, tourists and guests can find 37 beautiful rooms, complete with basic room amenities such as telephone lines, cable television sets, as well as hot and cold shower fixtures. From 1,900 pesos to 4,595 pesos, people can explore different kinds of exciting rooms such as Island Suites, Poolside Bedroom Suites, and Marbella Suites. The place also boasts of outstanding facilities like lawn tennis, table tennis, and gymnasium.

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Business Inn

The Business Inn is a good option if you’re looking for hotels and resorts in Bacolod City that are within the commercial and downtown areas. It is located along the streets of Lacso-Rizal and Lacson-Galo. Finding different modes of public transportation won’t be a problem since business, shopping, and entertainment centers are easily accessible from its location.

Accommodations in the Business Inn include 73 rooms and suites that are fully air conditioned. Amenities include multi-channel cable TV, telephone service, hair dryer, mini-bar, and California King-size or International standard size twin beds. Other services and facilities include a safety deposit box, 24 hour room service, express laundry service, business center, and shuttle service to and from the airport.

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Circle Inn

The Circle Inn is located at the Capitol Shopping Center along Lopez Jaena and Malaspina Streets in Bacolod City. You will rarely find unsatisfied guests who have stayed in this hotel. The price and rates are reasonable and the location is just right. Banks and commercial establishments are just a short ride away. Traveling to these establishments will cost you some P50 to P60 via taxi. It’s a good option if you’re looking for hotels and resorts in the city.

Room amenities will vary depending on the type of room you take. Standard amenities include air conditioning, cable TV, hot and cold showers, telephone, and WiFi Internet. Additional room amenities in the suites will include a refrigerator, coffee and tea making facilities, mini-bar, and an in-room safety deposit box. Its facilities and amenities make it one of the best hotels in Bacolod City.

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Luxur Place Hotel

Previously known as Bacolod Convention Plaza Hotel, Luxur Place Hotel is another topnotch hospitality service provider situated deep within the heart of Bacolod City. For only $46, tourists and guests can already enjoy the wonderful accommodations and facilities at any of its beautiful Deluxe Rooms. Moreover, they can also try any of the Junior Suites, Superior Suites, and Executive Suites, which cost only from $78 to $96. All the rooms feature nice television sets, showers and bathtubs, as well as balconies and terraces. Inside the hotel premises, people can also find tennis courts, an outdoor swimming pool, and a nice coffee shop.

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The Sugarland Hotel

Situated along Araneta Street within Singkang in Bacolod City, the Sugarland Hotel is a first-rate hospitality service provider that offers nothing but pleasure, convenience, and comfort to all its valued guests and visitors. From 1,400 pesos to 2,900 pesos, people can choose any of the wonderful guestrooms around including Standard Rooms, Executive Rooms, Junior Suites, and Suites. Other exciting hotel facilities and services include massage, foreign exchange, and roundtrip airport transfers.

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Prominence Inn

Hotels and resorts in Bacolod like the Prominence Inn are superbly designed to cater to a homey atmosphere that everyone seeks but also depict a favorable taste of business essence for those travelers who choose to mix business with pleasure while traveling. Each room has complete amenities to complete a lifestyle that can mix vacation with work if this is needed by the guest. This particular inn can be found at the Araneta Street in Singcang within the city of Bacolod. You may call them at (63)(34) 435-0021 or email them at for any questions or booking reservations.

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Mo2 Days Inn

Mo2 Days Inn is also a favorite option of accommodation among the hotels and resorts in Bacolod. Email inquiries can be addressed to Its hotel classification is Economy and there are around 24 rooms that are ready for your stay. Different rates for the rooms include: P2,500 for suites, P2,300 for family rooms, P1,200 for a single room, P1,500 for a twin or double room. There is also a charge for an extra person but you don’t need to break your budget. You need to pay only around P350 for that. However, you may have to check the fees again before booking since rates may change without prior notice.

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Tamera Plaza Inn

The Tamera Plaza Inn is at Lacson Street in the city. Its manager is Dina Serfino. Also classified as Economy Class, this particular establishment has around 20 rooms for those who would like to stay for one day or more. Its rates ranges around P750 to around P2,000 – depending on what particular room you would prefer. Not bad for a wonderful stay since it’s not too pricey. Email inquiries are also allowed. All you have to do is send your queries to and wait for their prompt reply. You may also find that the staff is really very accommodating and helpful in making you feel right at home.

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Northwest Inn

Among the hotels and resorts in Bacolod, another of the best choices for accommodation and cleanliness that visitors and local folks like so much is the Northwest Inn. It can be seen at the JB Corner in Rizal – Mabino Streets. Also classified as an Economy Class, it offers around 20 rooms to choose from for its guests. You may call them at (63) (34) 434-4077.

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Pension Bacolod and Restaurant

The Pension Bacolod and Restaurant can be seen at No. 27, 11th Lacson Street. There are many visitors who like this particular place among the other resorts in Bacolod. They say that it is really a great place to relax and stay awhile and forget your worries. Others like the foods served at this place. It’s really a very great facility for tourists and business travelers. What’s more, the rates for rooms are really affordable. So, if you’re hoping to stay on your budget when you go to Bacolod, you might want to check out this lodging facility and see more of its offers. In the city, this has been voted two times by the business associations in the Philippines as the number one pension house in the city of smiles.

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Jomabo Island Paradise Beach Resort

In Negros Occidental lies another of the resorts in Bacolod that looks truly inviting - the Jomabo Island Paradise Beach Resort. It can be seen at the Barangay Old Poblacion in Escalante City. Also quite popular to tourists and residents of the city, this resort offers various watersport activities that you can choose to enjoy. Some of these include activities such as parasailing, trying the trampoline, island hopping, ocean kayaking, banana boat riding, and more. Once you go there, you may notice that this resort is clearly interesting and perfectly unique because its cottages, hotel, cabanas, bars and restaurants, and guesthouses are all powered by a solar power system.

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Mambukal Hot Spring Resort

What can be seen in the Mambukal Hot Spring Resort? Lots of great offers - combining the works of man and the gifts of Mother Nature. There is the Hot Springs which looks truly inviting, a bath house with spa (that most Asian tourists, like the Japanese, favors a lot because it gives a sort of therapeutic treatment to relieve stress and fatigue), and more. This resort is conveniently located at Minoyan, Murcia in Bacolod.

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Bacolod Kings Hotel

The Bacolod Kings Hotel can be found in San Sebastian corner Gatsulao Street. Bookings can be made through its phone number at (63) (34) 434-4500. It is also one of the most popular places in Bacolod.

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Goldenfields Kundutel

This hotel is situated within the vicinity of the best entertainment complex in Bacolod City. An elegant hotel that is capable of handling all your business necessities. This hotel and resort is just a walking distance from various key establishments like restaurants, casinos, and a water park.

Goldenfields Kundutel has a total of 85 guest rooms that suits your specific needs for a great accommodation. Their standard rooms, family rooms, and suites are designed specifically to give comfort and security during your stay. A comfortable stay at the hotel only costs around $24 to $87 a night. The hotel also has a business center, a gift shop, and a kiddie pool with Jacuzzi. Guests are also given a free access to the water park nearby.

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Planta Centro Bacolod

A Mediterranean-inspired hotel and resort that is just a walking distance from shopping areas and entertainment centers. The architectural design of the hotel is pretty much distinct in Bacolod City. Experience the unique Ilonggo hospitality in any of their 82 rooms. From their standard rooms and suites, all they offer is comfort and elegance for the price of $36 to $157.

As a new hotel in Bacolod City, Planta Centro Bacolod also offers great facilities and services. They have recreational facilities, business center, restaurant, and function rooms. With its favorable location within the city, the hotel is a great option to make while staying in the city.

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Royal Am Rei

It is a hotel that has its own character in welcoming the guests in the “City of Smiles”. Excellent service and comfortable ambiance doesn’t have to be costly. This is what Royal Am Rei is offering to each business and leisure travelers in the city. Since the hotel is located uptown, it is free from the inner city’s noise and grime.

The 32 rooms and suites at Royal Am Rei offer a royal ambiance of comfort and style. You can stay at the hotel for the price that starts at $21. The friendly staff of the hotel and resort assures that your stay in Bacolod City is one that is worth remembering.

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O Hotel

Those looking for an economy class hotel in Bacolod City may find this place quite comfy. This budget friendly hotel is conveniently located on 52 San Sebastian Street. Finding an unsatisfied guest is a rarity in the O Hotel. Almost always, people find the place an excellent stay. The friendly staff and facilities exceed or at least meets customer expectations.

You get a taste of the old world of Bacolod when you stay in the O Hotel. The 55 air conditioned rooms in this hotel are specifically designed with that in mind. You also get the standard amenities of today’s modern living such as hot and cold showers, cable TV, refrigerator, telephone, WiFi Internet, bar, and coffee shop.

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Grand Regal Hotel

Those looking for great value for their money can try one of the 91 fully furnished rooms in the Grand Regal Hotel. This is a standard class hotel in Bacolod City. It has a great location along Araneta Street and is just right in front of Gaisano City and the entire of the shopping district.

The food here is quite good but since you’re right in the heart of the city you can go for other options to mix things up a bit. The room rates are pretty reasonable for the service and amenities you are getting. The staff, housekeeping, and concierge service are never disappointing.

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Sea Breeze Hotel

If you’re back packing and looking for a hotel in Bacolod City and are looking for economy class accommodations then the Sea Breeze Hotel is a good option. This little hotel slash inn is located along San Juan Street. It isn’t that huge with only 15 rooms to offer its guests, so you should expect your options to be a bit slim. The staff is friendly and quite accommodating to guests.

The rooms are a bit cozy but you shouldn’t expect anything extra special or fancy since you’re in a budget hotel after all. You at least get a color TV and telephone inside the room. They have a conference room and a restaurant too. Room rates in Sea Breeze Hotel average at $5 a day for their standard rooms.

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Sylvia Manor Hotel

The Sylvia Manor Hotel is a boutique hotel located along San Juan Street. You can say that it is quite an elegant hotel in Bacolod City. This is a standard class hotel that caters both to leisure and business travelers. You have 52 rooms and suites to choose from and the location is very ideal for tourists. You get good value for your money for staying in the Sylvia Manor Hotel.

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Bascon Hotel

Bascon Hotel is a good option in case you're looking for an economy class hotel in Bacolod City. It is located at the corner of Locsin and Gonzaga Streets, which isn't really that hard to find. This little hotel only has 22 rooms, which basically means you won't have much of a wide arrange of room options.

You get to choose from single rooms, double, matrimonial, family rooms, and suites. Some rooms have air conditioning while others do not. Some rooms in this budget hotel may have a TV and some don’t. This simply means you better be clear about what you want before checking in. You get to pay extra for the TV and the air conditioning.

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Westown Hotel

If you’re looking for a good mid-range hotel in Bacolod City then this hotel might just suit your needs. This hotel is fairly new, which opened for business in 2008. It is located along Lacson Street, which basically the street in the city where a lot of the hotels are found.

It’s a modestly sized place with only 34 rooms to offer its guests. Visitors get to choose from its executive, junior, superior, and deluxe rooms. Unfortunately there is only one executive room and a couple of junior rooms. You basically have to go for those two if you’re looking for their best accommodations in the hotel. The rates in Westown Hotel begin at less than Php 2,000 up to as much as Php 4,000 or even higher.

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Check Inn Pension

This is another option if you’re looking for an economy class hotel in Bacolod City. Its business address is Ponce Building, Luzuriaga Street, Bacolod. If you don’t mind meeting a crowd of people at certain times in your stay then you will find this hotel quite appealing. It boasts of 90 rooms in its list of accommodations, which basically gives you a lot of different options.

Room types here include deluxe, matrimonial, business deluxe, business matrimonial, and suite. As you might have guessed, the business class rooms are more expensive. Room rates are still pretty reasonable for an economy class hotel starting at Php 850 to Php 1,750.

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Hotel Alhambra

Hotel Alhambra is a standard class hotel in Bacolod City. You’ll find this hotel at the corner of Gatuslao and Locsin Streets. This hotel opened for business in 2004 and still serves its patrons to this day. You’ll have 31 rooms to choose from in this hotel. Room rates in Hotel Alhambra range from Php 795 for a single up to around Php 1,400 for a suite.

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Nature Village Resort

It is among the favorite resorts in the Island of Negros. The resort is located in Talisay City, about a ten-minute ride in a vehicle from Bacolod City. They offer complete vacation amenities and facilities. The bedrooms are pretty spacious with furniture that fit the refreshing ambiance between green plants and trees.

The rooms at Nature Village Resort have a price range between $40 to $53. The suites at the resort are worth $92 to $98. They also have Family Rooms for four to five persons for the amount of $44 to $66. This hotel and resort has 32 guestrooms, four Family Rooms, and Country Cottage. They also have a number of function rooms for special events, a restaurant, a park, a campsite, and an Agri-Forest Area.

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Bonista Beach Resort

The aim of the resort is to provide guests with world-class amenities at an affordable price. The resort recognizes itself as environment-friendly and helps in the preservation of the wild's natural habitat. Located in Escalante, this hotel and resort is about two hours away from Bacolod City. The resort area is scantily populated thus retaining the cleanliness and freshness of the water and air.

Bonista Beach Resort offers good accommodation for the cost of $26 to $35. For picnic visitors for a day the cost per person ranges from $10 to $20. The resort has a restaurant where local and international foods are serve.

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Quiet Place Farm Resort

This hotel and resort is within a 25-hectare sloping terrain in Bago. It will only take 20 minutes to arrive at the resort from Bacolod City. The resort provides guests the chance to experience the peaceful rural life with all the comforts they need. The 26 guestrooms have a price range of $51 to $75. The restaurant within the resort gives some unique twists to popular local and international dishes.

The Ayo Spa and Wellness Center of Quiet Place Farm Resort provides guests with various Filipino and Asian health traditions for a more relaxing stay. The resort also has a play park for children, function halls, a library, a campsite, outdoor picnic areas, and various recreational facilities. All these facilities and services are offered for the happiness and satisfaction of each guest in the resort.

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