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Proud for its nickname as ‘the City of Smiles,’ Bacolod City features world-class restaurants, bars, and cafes that are all-smiles in serving all its valued customers from the different parts of the world. Almost every day, these food service providers offers nothing but the best-tasting dishes as well as various kinds of special delicacies in the hope of achieving total customer satisfaction. When visiting the city, never fail to drop by at any of these wonderful restaurants to experience utmost dining pleasure, comfort, and convenience.

Inaka Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Located along 21st Lacson Street in Bacolod City, Inaka Restaurant and Sushi Bar is obviously a nice, cozy, and inviting food service provider that specializes in delightful authentic Japanese cuisine. Besides the inviting atmosphere inside, customers can easily achieve customer satisfaction through its wonderful services and ambrosial food varieties that include beef sukiyaki, tempura, and sushi. For as much as 100 to 200 pesos, they can also enjoy other yummy specialties like beef misono, California rolls, and sashimi.

Imbiss Bacolod

Situated at 5th Road Burgos Street in Bacolod City, Imbiss Bacolod is a small restaurant yet with a highly inviting, cozy, and relaxing atmosphere. Generally, the place takes pride on serving a variety of heavenly international cuisines, while specializing on delectable sausages. With a price range of 110 to 170 pesos, customers can already taste any of the delicious in-house delicacies like Hungarian Sausage with Rice, Pizza Al Tonno, and Veal Bratwurst with Rice. For other delightful treats, they can check out any of the luscious Garlic Sausage with Rice, Pizza Margarita, and Pizza Filipinas.

Gerry’s Grill

Found along Lacson Street at the corner of 20th Avenue, Gerry’s Grill is a popular local restaurant chain that serves delectable Filipino cuisine. With a budget of 300 to 500 pesos, customers and guests can already gorge over super delicious treats like Steamed Pla-Pla, Chili Cheese Stick with Garlic Mayo Dip, and Sinigang na Ulo ng Maya-Maya sa Mangga. For sure, they will also love the cheerful, vibrant, and comfortable atmosphere within the place, which is perfect for small talks, happy occasions, and even special gatherings. This topnotch Bacolod City restaurant also serves other notable dishes such as Sizzling Chicken, Dinakdakan, and Binagoongan Pata.

Max’s Restaurant

Located at the ground floor of SM Bacolod, Max’s Restaurant is a fine dining establishment that serves nothing but the best-tasting homegrown delicacies available. For as much as 200 to 500 pesos, guests can already taste sumptuous Filipino dishes like Fried Chicken, Macaroni Salad, and Pancit Canton. Additionally, it also serves other delectable specialties like Crispy Pata, Lumpiang Ubod, and Chicken Sisig. Overall, this very nice Bacolod City restaurant reflects a joyful, cozy, and inviting atmosphere that customers and guests will surely love.

Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties

Situated at the Main Strip Alley along La Salle Avenue in Bacolod City, Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties offers people excellent and super delicious alternatives to some of the usual food offerings found in other outstanding restaurants within the area. This nice and cozy restaurant specializes in Jamaican Cuisine, with specialties like Sunny Shrimp Balls with Sweet Chili Sauce as well as Sweet and Spicy Chicken Meal. With a highly affordable budget of 50 to 100 pesos, customers and guests can experience the taste of highly enticing specialties that include Burger Steak, Classic Pattie with Iced Tea, and Cheese Burst.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Found along the First Floor of Robinson’s Place within Barangay Mandalagan in Bacolod City, Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American-style restaurant more popular for the acronym KFC. Through the years, this excellent food service provider never fails to satisfy the diverse tastes of its numerous customers from all over the world. For only 100 to 200 pesos, customers and guests can already enjoy a bevy of scrumptious dishes such as Macaroni Salad, Hot Shots, and Zinger Burger. Meanwhile, the specialty of the house is the yummy dish called Original Recipe Chicken.

Mang Inasal

Inasal is considered a local delicacy in Bacolod City. It is no longer surprising, therefore, to find Inasal foodshops everywhere. But you have to be careful when choosing an Inasal restaurant. Although it is native to the city of smiles, restaurants have a different way of presenting them.

To taste one of the best Chicken Inasal recipes, try out Mang Inasal. The casual dining joint that has many branches spread throughout the country offers not just delectable grilled chicken but also unlimited steamed rice. Meaning, there’s no excuse for anyone to come out hungry. Aside from chicken inasal, Mang Inasal also offers other dishes like liempo and pork barbeque.

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The Cavern Restobar

Sorento Piazza is a favorite hangout place for the young crowd. It is also where visiting tourists are mostly directed. That’s because Sorento Piazza features a number of eating joints, café, grill, bar, or restaurant – no matter what you want to call them.

One of the most exciting dining places that you can find at the Piazza is The Cavern Restobar. Aside from being a nice chillout place, it also serves the most delectable recipes. You will surely love a trip to The Cavern. It will help you enjoy Bacolod City even more.

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Rafaello’s is pretty much a famous name in the food business in Bacolod City, especially among those who are having events. That’s because Rafaello’s is not just about a restaurant but also about a catering service that makes special occasions like weddings and debuts even more special.

Anyway, Rafaello’s is a must-see for local and tourists alike because it offers a wide variety of dishes that are all mouthwatering in their own right. If you visit Bacolod, don’t forget to visit Rafaello’s. It is along Hilado Street.

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Hoshi Japanese Restaurant

Hoshi Japanese Restaurant is a food lover’s haven. It does not only serves the finest Japanese dishes like sushi, tempura, and ebi among others but also sells a variety of Japanese ingredients so you can concoct your very own Japanese dinner. That is pretty amazing for someone who digs this specific cuisine. Imagine, you will be able to experiment on a recipe you love?

Located in Mandalagan, Bacolod City, Hoshi is a must-see dining place because the food is great and it is priced very reasonably. This is one place in Bacolod where your hundred-peso bill can go a long way. Check out the restaurant menu sets and you will see exactly what we meant.

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Bacolod Chicken Inasal

If you talk about food and Bacolod City at the same time, Bacolod Chicken Inasal would surely come up. Incidentally, the restaurant is not original to Bacolod City. It is actually a product of the Tanalgo siblings from Mandaluyong City. Now that it has become a huge chain restaurant business, it also arrived in the Visayan town where the “inasal” recipe is rooted.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal boasts of the original Bacolod inasal recipe. In the owners’ efforts to spread the good taste, they sponsored the very first Inasal Festival in Bacolod City, which was held in May of 2009.

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Bobs Restaurant

Bob’s Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Bacolod City. It has been around since 1960ss and went through a couple of renovations both in their store and in their menu. A couple of years ago, Bob’s decided to put up a pastry shop along with the restaurant, which easily strengthens the food hub’s mass appeal.

Some of Bob’s Restaurant’s signature dishes include Sate Babi, Mongolian Barbeque, and Burger. This must-see eating place is located along Benigno S. Aquino Drive, right in front of Riverside Medical Center. It serves tasty Filipino dishes along with warm and classy ambience. People love going to Bob’s not just for its delicious food but also for its tastefully done interiors.

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Apollo Restaurant

Apollo Restaurant is a must-try food hub in Bacolod city. It serves a variety of Chinese and Filipino recipes that are all mouth-watering and reasonably priced at the same time. Located at Hilado Street, Apollo Restaurant is patronized by locals and tourists alike because it serves really great food with really great interiors. It also has two other branches in the city one is in Cuadra and the other is in Gonzaga.

On top of all the food talk, Apollo is also notable for being one of the cleanest restaurants in the city. In terms of serving Chinese dishes, it is also considered the oldest Chinese restaurant that is located in Bacolod City. Apollo Restaurant is truly something that you must never leave out when visiting the city of smiles.

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Carlo Restorante

If you like to taste Italian food while visiting Bacolod City, Carlo Restorante is a place to see. It serves not just delicious pasta recipes but also delectable steaks. It is located at the Goldenfields Complex. The food may have a pricey tag but once you taste it, you will know that it deserves high regard.

Carlo Restorante is one of the best fining places that you can find in the city. You will love its relaxing appeal that is combined with great-tasting food.

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Skoro Garden

If you are looking for the finest restaurant grill in Bacolod City, you should not think twice about visiting Skoro Garden. This food hub located in Libertad Extension offers high quality food and drinks, which excite local and foreign diners. It is a laid back place where you can relax and unwind while enjoying an exquisite gastronomic adventure.

A superb hangout place, Skoro Garden offers a wide variety of famous dishes including Skoro’s Grill, Native Chicken Binakol, Pochero de Cebu, and Seafood Fiesta among others. Good news to Skoro diners. You can also find a Skoro Garden branch right at the SM Bacolod food court. This means a more convenient way of enjoying the quality of food and service that this eating place is famous for.

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Golden Table

Golden Table restaurant offers the best-tasting Chinese dishes. Located in Aguinaldo Street, it is a must-see place for local and foreign Bacolod visitors alike. People who have eaten here spread the word. That’s why it is being considered as one of the most famous restaurants in the city.

Golden Table is not merely a Chinese restaurant. It also offers catering and takeout services. The restaurant was founded in 2000 and since then, never looked back in offering tasty dishes that are priced reasonably. Some of the must-try dishes include fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce, pato tim, sotanghon guisado, sepo guisado,camaron relleno, and morcon among others.

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Chicken House

Chicken inasal or simply chicken barbeque is definitely the most popular dish in Bacolod City. If you talk about the city, talking about tasty grilled chicken should never be far behind. For best-tasting grilled treat, try Chicken House. It serves one of the most, if not the most, delicious chicken inasal recipes in all of Bacolod City.

A usual order at Chicken House is a combination of chicken inasal (any premium part of your choice – leg breast, thigh), garlic rice, and chicken oil. If you want to try something new, order a serving of grilled chicken liver. You will love the difference!

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Bacolod Cozy Nook

Bacolod Cozy Nook is true to its name. It is a cozy food hub that serves good food, alright. Located in 15th Lacson Street, it is one of the best places to go to while visiting the beautiful City of Smiles, Bacolod.

Bacolod Cozy Nook serves a wide variety of interesting dishes, which will make you fall in love with Bacolod City even more. Rave reviews will tell you that it is one of the reasons people are always coming back to the city.

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Want pizza, pasta, and more? Try the tested goodness that Shakey’s serves. A popular food chain in the country, Shakey’s serves a lot of mouthwatering, stomach-filling treats that are right on the budget.

Shakey’s is conveniently located in Robinson’s Place and SM City, Bacolod City so it should not be difficult for you to be able to try out the food and the cozy ambience that the eating hub offers. Once there, never miss out ordering the famous Calamari Crunch, Mojos ‘n Dip, Chick ‘n Chips, Monster Spaghetti Meatballs, Carbonara Supreme, and of course, the Manager’s Choice pizza.

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Cattle Farm

Cattle Farm is a nice place to eat out some people’s favorite comfort food: sushi. Yes, it is a Japanese restaurant but it also serves a helluva of steak dishes. Pretty good deal, huh?

Cattle Farm has a branch in SM City Bacolod and in Robinson’s Place Bacolod. There is no need to travel far and wide to have a taste of the good food in this interesting food hub. The steaks are good but the must-try is really the sushi. If you are eating on a budget, you may want to order for a Sumo Meal, which includes miso soup, a plate of mixed sushi, tempura, beef teriyaki, and a glass of iced tea. Yes, it is designed to be eaten out by two people but if you have the stomach to stuff it in, you can well eat it by yourself!

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Lanten Restaurant

If ever you crave for Chinese food while you are in Bacolod, you should not worry. That’s because there is a wide variety of Chinese restaurants that populate the city. One of the must-tries is Lan Ten Restaurant. Located in Hilado Street, this nice eating place serves good food at a not-so-pricey price.

Locals and tourists alike consider Lan Ten Restaurant as a gourmet kikiam haven. Yes, you read that right, ‘kikiam’. For a lot of people, kikiam is just a street food. But in Lan Ten Restaurant’s environment, it is savory and delicious. Meat coupled with Chinese spices puts kikiam in a different light. At Lan Ten, it is best eaten with rice, dipped in sweet and sour sauce, of course!

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Korean Grill

The flavors of Asia are very accessible to gastronomic adventurers who happen to be in Bacolod City. There are a variety of restaurants that offer Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dishes in full. For those who crave for the authentic Korean taste, you should hangout sometime at Korean Grill.

Located in Lacson Street, Korean Grill offers a variety of dishes that are best paired with alcohol. Drink mixes are popular among college students and yuppies in the place so do not be surprised to be rubbing elbows with the young crowd while here. More than just a food hub, Korean Grill is an interesting gimmick place where Friday nights are best spent.

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Jo's Chicken Inato

Bacolod Chicken Inasal is enjoyed in more ways than one. You can either enjoy it fine dining style or street food style. Whichever you choose, what matters is the taste. Your chicken must be succulent and flavorful enough. Chicken Inasal is all about a distinctive flavor and a yummy, appetizing look. In that case, eating Bacolod Chicken Inasal Jo’s Chicken Inato style is the best way.

Jo’s Chicken Inato serves chicken barbeque hot-off-the-grill. Like in many other inasal food shops, you can freely choose the chicken part you want – whether it is breast, wing, leg, or thigh. You may also choose your sauce – whether it is a concoction of soy sauce and citrus or ketchup and pepper. Just remember, chicken inasal is best eaten with rice!

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La Finea Negrense

If you want fine dining, Negrense style, take a trip to La Finea Negrense. Located in Lacson Street, this local attraction serves a variety of native dishes that will surely make you love the province of Negros and the city of Bacolod even more. Every trip to this exquisite food hub is an adventure in itself so you must never miss out a visit.

La Finea Negrense is a hotspot for both and locals and tourists. Discover why.

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Brick Pit

Are you looking for the perfect hangout place in Bacolod? Don’t look too far because Brick Pit Grill offers one of the best gimmick experience in the city.

Brick Pit is a grill bar and restaurant that serves the best-tasting barbequed food along with great music and chillout ambience. It is located along C.L. Montelibano Avenue and it is not too hard to find because it has become a tourist hotspot.

Brick Pit serves a variety of grilled dishes. You will never be short of choices because everything on the menu is a must-try. Plus, you get to enjoy good music right up until 2am.

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Lions Park

If you want to dine, Bacolod style, you better check out Manokan Country. This features a strait of grilled chicken stalls that serves what else but the famous chicken inasal. There are 22 stalls down the stretch and one of the most sought after is Lion’s Park.

Lion’s Park is a favorite hangout place among tourists and locals alike. It serves great food, a good quality of alcoholic drinks, and a relaxing ambience. It stands above the rest not just because it has a different architecture but also because it serves superb meals!

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Bigby’s Café

If you are craving for delectable international cuisine and you happen to be in Bacolod City, check out Bigby’s Café. This casual dining place is located right where commercial life is active – in SM City Bacolod. You would not have a difficult time getting to it.

Bigby’s boasts of a cool, relaxing, and romantic ambience quite perfect for “exclusive for two” nightouts. It is a chill out dining place that is not all about the interiors but moreso about great-tasting food. Among the popular dishes that you can find at Bigby’s include Sweet Onion Loops, Passion Fish, Squiggly Rings, Chicken in a Basket, Fish Melt, and Uncle Sam Roast Beef among others.

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Sweet Greens Garden

There are countless restaurants that you can find in Bacolod City. They offer just about every cuisine that you might crave. Then again, what’s a trip to this part of the Philippine archipelago if you would not have a taste of the native dishes?

For that, you will have to go to Sweet Greens Garden. This café/restaurant offers a variety of local fare that will make you even more familiar of the Negrense way of life. Not to be missed are the exquisite Negrense dishes that were given a yummy spin.

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Yellow Cab

If you have a discriminating taste, come over to a pizza parlor and for sure, you will not be disappointed. Pizza is comfort food for a lot of people, especially the Yellow Cab variety.

Yellow Cab is a popular pizza franchise that can be found all over the Philippines. Good news for Bacolod City visitors, there’s also a Yellow Cab store in the city. Mouth-watering pizza flavors that feature a variety of toppings make chilling out even more enjoyable. The must-orders at Yellow Cab include New York’s Finest Pizza, Hot Wings Chicken, Spaghetti and Meatballs, and Calzone among others. In Bacolod, this pizza parlor is conveniently located in SM City Bacolod.

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Pepe’s Grill

Pepe’s Grill is a great restaurant deemed perfect for family bonding. Located in Piazza Sorento, it may be in the crowd of finest dining places but it sure stands tall among the rest. Why, Pepe’s Grill offers a wide variety of dishes at a very affordable price. You would never regret spending your money because every cent is matched with good food. It’s really worth the money!

Pepe’s Grill is not quite a big place. It is very intimate with modern interiors and a laid back ambience that will keep you coming back for an exciting gastronomic adventure.

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L Sea DimSum

If you go around in Bacolod, you will realize that Bacolodnons are fond of Chinese cuisine. The countless Chinese restaurants can attest to that. At almost every corner, you will find a food hub serving Chinese dishes.

L Sea DimSum is one of the more popular Chinese restaurants in Bacolod City. It is located along Lacson Street and it serves a wide variety of delectable dishes with authentic Asian flavors. There is Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Soy Chicken Rice Topping, Steamed Chicken with Black Mushroom, which are must-tries. You must also not forget to order siomai or shrimp balls. They are fresh and very delicious, too.

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21st Restaurant

If you want a taste of fresh catch from the sea, you should rush over to 21st Restaurant, which is located, you guessed it right, in 21st Lacson Street.

21st Restaurant serves a variety of native Filipino dishes. But their appeal is more because of the freshest seafood that they serve their customers. The restaurant has a built-in aquarium where you can pick whatever seafood you like and have them cooked while you wait. The ambience in the restaurant is cool and classy, making it a nice chillout place.

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Chicken Deli

There are countless grilled chicken joints that populate the city of smiles, Bacolod City. However, only few are able to impress especially the visiting tourists who are not too familiar with the Chicken Inasal recipe.

Chicken Deli is a favorite restaurant among lovers of Chicken Inasal. It serves tasty grilled chicken with a cup of garlic rice and a side dish of fresh vegetables. Like in most inasal joints, you basically choose what chicken part you find most delectable.

Chicken Deli is located in front of the Provincial Capitol Lagoon. It is very convenient to find. Once inside, you will also do not have to make a fuss to get a plate of the most delectable Inasal lunch or dinner.

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Jewels Seafood Restaurant

The Visayas region is famous for the freshest catch from the sea. Bacolod City also serves a variety of seafood dishes, which capitalizes on the quality of seafood they have around.

Jewels Seafood Restaurant is one of those dining places that offer great-tasting, freshly cooked seafood dishes. It is located in 6th Lacson Street, right at the heart of the city. Make sure to visit this place because your trip to Bacolod would not be complete without it.

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