Bacolod Shellcraft and Artwares - Philippines

One of the most enjoyable things about traveling to the Philippines and Negros in particular is that you get the chance to look at some of the finest in local crafts. One such place is the Bacolod Shellcraft and Artwares, where you can buy some of the most beautiful and stunning shells not just in the city but also in the world.

What is Available

There are a lot of items and products for sale here, but their most popular merchandise are the shells which have been turned into various works of art, including mosaics and various types of household paraphernalia. The idea for the store was the brainchild of its proprietor, Leticia Ledesma, who was also responsible for creating the collage at the Chapel of Santa Clara nearby.

The Bacolod Shellcraft and Artwares has become very popular not just with foreign tourists but also lovers of art. What really makes the shells so attractive is the fact that even though the shells are transformed into various pieces of household items and other shapes, their colors and textures remains for everyone to appreciate.

As such, the products at the store have become immensely sought after as personal gifts or souvenir items. The shells used for making and modeling these fine products are made not only from the choicest shells in Negros Occidental, but also from all over the Philippine archipelago.

Location and Cost

The Bacolod Shellcraft and Artwares is situated along Barangay Singcang, where it is right beside some of the most popular hotels and inns in the city. It is only 4 km (2 m) from the downtown area and also only a few minutes from the Bacolod air terminal.

If you want to visit the place there are several types of transportation that you can use. The ubiquitous jeepney costs about Php 7 and there is an additional charge for every kilometer. Usually you need to have at Php 15 to 20.

The prices of the items for sale at the shop vary greatly and it will be dependent on the item you buy, the material it is made of and other factors. One of the beautiful things about buying in the city though, is that you can always engage in a friendly haggle, which may get you discounts.

The local handicraft that is sold at the Bacolod Shellcraft and Artwares is one of the finest in the city, and not only can you bring home a little token, but you also help those whose livelihood depends on the production of these items.