Bacolod Shopping - Philippines

Bacolod shopping is fun. There are many places that you can go to for your shopping needs. In fact, there are about over 17 shopping centers in Bacolod. These are scattered all over the city, so they can cater to the needs of everyone.

Lopues Malls

Some of these shopping centers include Lopues Sair Sebastian, Lopues of Northern Bacolod and Lopues Mandalagan. You will actually find Lopues malls all over Bacolod, but these are also scattered across various cities and towns of Negros Occidental. Another mall that offers a unique Bacolod shopping experience is 888 Mall. It is a Chinese mall that is located near the province’s provincial capitol. This mall is accessible via jeepney or a taxi.

Bacolod Shellcraft and Artwares

The best place to shop for ingenious items that are proudly Negrense made is definitely Bacolod Shellcraft and Artwares. As the name implies, the shop capitalized on the beauty of shells found not just in the province of Negros but also in other parts of the Philippines. When combined with the locals’ creativity and skill, the shells are recreated into interesting crafts including mosaics, gift items, accessories, and home accents.

If you are a visiting tourist and you want take a part of Bacolod home, you better check out the items available at Bacolod Shellcraft and Artwares. This hip shop is also in demand among the locals of Negros. It is one amazing way of embracing the lifestyle, the culture, the tradition, and the ingenuity of the people in this side of the world.

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Robinsons Place Bacolod

Robinsons malls are everywhere. The locals of Bacolod City and of Negros Occidental in general are lucky enough to have one nearby. Located along Lacson Street, Robinsons Place Bacolod was built in 1997. It offers shoppers – both locals and foreigners – a wide range of products from fashion to basic necessities to food and whatnots.

For some people, Robinsons Place Bacolod is the place to be for some relaxation and recreation. There are about one hundred plus stalls and restaurants in the mall. On top of that, there are the usual anchors of a Robinsons mall – supermarket, department store, movieworld, hardware store, and toy store. Practically anything and everything that you need can be found in this one amazing place.

Going to Robinsons Place Bacolod is a must. It gives the locals an urban feel while giving tourists an option not to miss the hustle and bustle of the city. Plus, it is so accessible!

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SM City Bacolod

The SM mall chain is definitely prestigious. Why, they offer just about everything on sale. That’s why when SM happens to Bacolod, the locals rejoice because they no longer need to fly or sail to enjoy experience. On the tourism side of the city, SM City Bacolod presents an opportunity to attract more tourists with shops that fit just about everyone’s fancy. Aside from the shops, SM City Bacolod also offers a wide range of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines from around the Philippines and around the world.

Located along Rizal Street, SM City Bacolod was built in 2007. Numerous shops and restaurants can be found there. Plus, there are the anchors – the department store, the supermarket, the food court, the cinemas, the appliance center, and the surplus shop among others.

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Gaisano Mall

Aside from Robinson’s Place, Bacolod shopping also offers Gaisano Mall. It is actually one of the newer malls in the city. It is also a part of a chain of malls scattered all over the country. It can be found just south of downtown Bacolod and it basically caters to people in the area. Gaisano offers a wide selection of restaurants. It is these restaurants that actually attract people to Gaisano because they are all local favorites. You will find Chicken Deli which is famous for their chicken barbecue. You will also find Bob’s and L’Sea, a famous local Chinese restaurant.

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Far East Bamboo Exports

When visiting Bacolod, you should try to drop by Far East Bamboo Exports. This store is one of the unique offerings of Bacolod. The store can be found in a warehouse that is about 10 minutes away from the city proper. The warehouse functions as their workshop and office as well. They do not have show windows, however, because their products are meant for export. You can choose to purchase the products on display or you can choose to have items especially made for you. The price can be steep but the craftsmanship is worth it.

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Local Markets

Bacolod shopping is not just limited to big mall shopping. You can also visit the local market for fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and fishes. The prices are cheaper than those similar products that you will find in big supermarkets. While you are in search of fresh fruits, you should check out the fruit stands along Lacson St. You can’t miss it. This is where you can buy an assortment of fresh tropical fruits. These fruit stalls offer durian, rambutan, lanzones, mangosteen, papaya, guavas, bananas and others. The prices vary. If the fruits are not in season or if they arrive just before they are in season, you should expect to pay more for your purchases. Fruits that are not locally produced are slightly pricey than fruits produced in Bacolod. For most foreign tourists, however, paying one dollar for a kilo of ripe mangoes or bananas is always a bargain.

Indeed, Bacolod shopping is certainly fun. The city has certainly a lot to offer when it comes to your shopping needs.

Association of Negros Producers (ANP)

The association of Negros Producers, or ANP, is dedicated to promote small and medium size businesses in Negros. It believes in a close partnership among and between Negros producers, the business sector, and the government to be able to compete globally. Among its local manufacturers ANP urges updated technological applications to craftsmanship. This is a key to global competitiveness and proves very lucrative to Bacolod tourist shop businesses. ANP was born in Manila, started by 15 women from Negros who were challenged by the sugar industry debacle in the 1980s. It saw the need to shift to other industry ventures to keep the Negros economy alive. It was then The House of Negros Foundation, which later transformed into the non-profit, non-stock, and non-political ANP. Housewives, entrepreneurs, and professionals joined it. Since then, shopping for souvenir and gift items in Negros was never the same. ANP also sponsors trade missions, exhibits, and trade fairs linking local producers and buyers from around the country and the world. It also serves as a data bank for faster business linkages, disseminating relevant information to buyers, exporters, and potential partners. It holds the Negros Trade Fair yearly in Manila.

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The Negros Showroom

Looking for excellent Philippine craftsmanship? A trip to this country is incomplete without shopping for souvenirs and gift items. In this case, the showroom of the Association of Negros Producers, or the “Negros Showroom,” ought to be the first destination. It showcases the best of Negros craftsmanship—and of the whole country, as well. In fact, the Bureau of Domestic Trade recommends it to tourists as the best souvenir house in the country. The showroom is located in the Lourdes C Building at the corner of 9th and Lacson Streets in Bacolod. This Bacolod tourist shop features elaborate native handicrafts and basketry, fashion accessories, decorative masks, furnishings, and food, majority of which are found only in the island province. The Negros Showroom also offers seminars and workshops on the crafts industry and business. For instance, in March 2010, the Negros Showroom did an Eco Enterprise Development seminar together with The Foundation for a Sustainable Society and the Department of Trade and Industry.

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888 Chinatown Square

Anyone familiar with Divisoria’s 628 store in Manila will feel at home shopping for souvenirs and gift items in 888 Chinatown Square. The prices of items are so low and could go lower with a few bargaining skills. Find various selections of very affordable RTWs, accessories, shoes and other footwear, DVDs, cell phone units, and the latest fad and accessories from China. This mega Bacolod tourist shop is easy to locate. It’s along Gatuslao Street. It’s the building facing the National Food Authority, adjacent to the Land Bank of the Philippines.

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