Bacolod Sightseeing - Philippines

Bacolod City is a great starting point for those who want to explore and experience the sights and sounds of Negros Occidental. As you get ready to visit this beautiful province, be sure to check out these famous sites.

The Revolutionary Markers

Bacolod City and Negros Occidental witnessed some of the most historic battles waged by the Katipuneros, and the Revolutionary

Markers are meant to keep the memory alive.
These markers are in Bago and Magalona; the former is 13 miles (22 km) from Bacolod, while Magalona is 9 miles (15 km) away. While most of the markers mark the areas where the Filipinos fought against the Spaniards, there are also some that commemorate their battle against the Americans during the late 1900s.

The Patag Valley Trekking

27 miles (45 km) away from the capitol of Negros is the Patag Valley, the ultimate trekker’s delight.

The Valley itself, sandwiched between Mount Marapara and Mount Silay, is some 640 feet (400 meters) above sea level. As you go hiking, the cool breeze, and the sounds of the birds will accompany you. There is also a good chance you will run into the spotted deer, a specie native to the Philippines.

The Capitol Building

Today the edifice functions as the seat of the Province of Negros Occidental. This structure, located in Bacolod City, has also

served a variety of purposes.
Any visitor to the site will take note of its design, which is strikingly different from the other historical buildings, as it is heavily influenced by Neo Classical architecture. During the war, the building was used by the Japanese Imperial Army as their base of operations.

The Church of Talisay

Negros Occidental is where some of the most historical churches are situated, including the famed Talisay Church.

This shrine is about 4 miles (7 km) distant from Bacolod and has become a popular spot for devotees. It was built sometime during the American Occupation in the late 1800s, and aside from storing relics, the remains of General Aniceto Lacson and Father Fernando Cuenca are interred there.

The Holifena Ancestral Home

Silay City is 9 miles (15 km) from Bacolod ,and it is there that the Holifena residence is located, one of the most renowned of the numerous ancestral houses in the province.

The Holifena mansion is best known for its extensive collection of art pieces. The works of some of the most hallowed figures in Philippine history, including Jose Rizal and Juan Luna, are stored there. There are also a vast collection of priceless antiques from various local artists as well.

Bacolod Golf and Country Club

This golf course in Bacolod City was designed by famed Filipino golfer Celestino Tugot. The course has tight fairways and is described by those who frequent it as being tight thus requiring a lot more accuracy. You may want to practice your swing at the driving range before pitting your skills on the fairway.

The Bacolod Golf and Country Club is a private club, which basically means you need a sponsor or at least accompanies by one of the members to get in and play. The club is only 15 minutes away from Bacolod City and is located in Hacienda Binitin Murcia. The green fee on weekdays is around Php 800 but goes up to Php 1,000 during the weekends and holidays. The caddy’s fee is about Php 180.

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Negros Occidental Golf and Country Club

If you’re searching for a challenge to your golf skills then you might want to try whacking around here. Strong winds are quite common here, not to mention the many trees, lots of water hazards, and twisting fairways. This is but one of the many reasons why lots of golf enthusiasts flock to this tourist attraction.

This country club is open to the public though guests should either be sponsored or accompanied by one of its members. If you intend to take up the challenge then it is advised that you make reservations a week before your intended play date. The place is located six kilometers from downtown Bacolod City in Bata Subdivision.

You can take a cab, rented car, or any private transportation to get there. The green fee during weekdays is Php 1,000 for tourists and Php 1,700 for tourists. It goes up to Php 1,500 for locals and Php 2,000 for tourists during the weekends and holidays. Caddy fee is at Php 250, renting a golf cart will cost you an extra Php 800. If you forgot your clubs, golf club rental is fixed at Php 600.

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Marapara Golf and Country Club

This is one of the more popular tourist attractions in the area due to its scenic views. People visit the place not only to practice their trademark swings but also to enjoy the natural scenery. The layout of the course itself can prove to be quite a challenge for anyone. The restaurant and clubhouse complete with a tennis court and a swimming pool will prove to be quite appealing.

This golf course is located at Barangay Bata in Bacolod City. It’s just a few minutes from the major destinations in the city. Though the course is indeed open to the public, you’ll need either sponsorship or membership in order to play.

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Climbing Mt. Kanlaon

This is one of the highest peaks in the whole Philippines especially in Bacolod City rising to 2,465 meters at its peak. The mountain range of Kanlaon will be a pretty challenging one to climb. Vertical rock walls, ravines, and crevices add to the difficulty of the endeavor.

In spite of the rough climb, the beautiful scenery, virgin tropical forest, beautiful waterfalls, and endemic wildlife become encouraging rewards, which makes it quite a popular tourist attraction. The Mt. Kanlaon National Park provides trails that head up to the mountain’s peak. Those who want to go up the summit are advised to take the proper gear and supplies with them and check if everything is in order before proceeding on the trail.

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Target Shooting

Target shooting is a favorite activity among those who visit Bacolod. It is also in demand among the locals. There are gun clubs in Bacolod City that you could join to get into this very entertaining sport.

Target shooting is a well-loved sport in Bacolod as much as golf, tennis, and bowling are. If you want to be entertained and challenged at the same time, head on to a target shooting range and try out your skills. There are a number of shooting ranges spread throughout the city. For sure, you will find one that is conveniently accessible to you.

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Gaming at Casino Filipino

Bacolod’s very own Casino Filipino, located in Golden Fields Commercial Complex, is the biggest gambling facility in the city. It is operated by PAGCOR and hosts many different games.

Gaming at Casino Filipino is a favorite activity among visiting tourists and locals alike who want to spend the night away awake. The lights, the sounds, and the crowd buzzing around will keep your mind off just about any kind of worry. This is one of the best ways to entertain yourself while you are in Bacolod. Just make sure that you do not go overboard. Casino gambling can be addictive. Spend just as much as your budget allows.

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Victorias Milling Co.

Bacolod City is known as the sugarland. Why, sugar is an important produce that comes in droves from this Visayan province. To better understand how big Bacolod’s and Negros’ contribution to the sugar industry, you better check out Victorias Milling Company.

Victorias is an agro-industrial complex that is located in the City of Smiles. It was founded in early 1900s and has since played a pivotal role as the sugar milling company with the most modern facilities. Coming to Victorias Milling Company is revisiting the earliest stages of the sugar industry.

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Mambukal Mountain Resort

Mambukal Mountain Resort is located in Barangay Minoyan in Murcia. It perfectly lies at the slopes of Mount Kanlaon and is a definite scene-stealer not just for tourists but also for locals. Visiting Mambukal as a side trip to your Bacolod adventure will give you an opportunity to relax with good food, scenic sights, relaxing ambience, and just basically communing with nature. Bird watching and bathing in hot spring are favorite activities in this priced resort.

Make sure that you will never miss out on coming over to Mambukal to relieve your stress and give yourself a rare chance to really unwind.

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Orange Gallery

Bacolod City has a rich culture and tradition. It is also wealthy in terms of arts. Galleries and museums are some of the options that you have when visiting the city of smiles. If you appreciate just about any kind of artwork and you are mesmerized by the masterpiece of ingenious artists, you better take a trip to Orange Gallery.

Located along Lacson Street, Orange Gallery can be found just before Lopue’s Mandalagan. It is known for its rich display of artworks from local artists. Definitely, you can savor the local culture by visiting this particular art gallery.

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Negros Occidental Sports and Recreational Park

Negros Occidental Sports and Recreational Park is a local park located at the heart of Negros, in the City of Smiles. It is a complex that is home to numerous sporting events. It is huge, with a total land area of more than 60 acres or 25 hectares. It is beefed up with facilities that are modern and huge, which can accommodate a large crowd of sports enthusiasts and even mere onlookers.

Negros Occidental Sports and Recreational Park has a stadium, an Olympic-sized swimming, and a track oval among others. It is known to host international football games. Indeed, it is one of the biggest tourist attractions that you can find in all of Negros.

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Vintage Steam Locomotives

Bacolod City’s most important pride is the vintage steam locomotives. Used during the early years, when the sugar milling industry is just starting to progress, the Iron Dinosaurs, as they were aptly called, played a huge role in making Negros the sugar capital of the Philippines.

The vintage steam locomotives are the most effective form of transport for sugar canes during the early times. If you want to discover the culture and tradition behind the people of Bacolod, therefore, you must never miss out a trip to see these extremely lovely locomotives; Their looking old only adds to their overall appeal.

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Salas Park

If you like to commune with nature, unwind with a picturesque sight, you must never miss out a trip to Salas Park. Located near the famous Mambukal Mountain Resort, Salas Park is another precious natural sight. Unlike Mambukal, however, the park is best visited at night, when you can enjoy an overlooking sight of the bright lights in the city.

Salas Park is considered as little Baguio, with its own version of zigzag roads that are steep and quite sharp. If you decide to have a day tour instead, you can ask the help of a local tourist guide, who could help your way through the falls and springs and old pines.

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Super Bowling Lanes

If you love bowling as a sport, do not be afraid that you will miss it if you travel to Bacolod City. Bowling is a favorite sport among the locals of the City of Smiles. As such, you can find bowling lanes just about in every corner.

Super Bowling Lanes is located in Goldenfield Commercial Complex. It is a hotspot because it is beefed with modern facilities that will make you enjoy your every game.

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Goldenfield Commercial Complex

Goldenfield Commercial Complex is one of the busiest areas in Bacolod City. It hosts many bars, pubs, casinos, and nightclubs so basically, this is where the nightlife comes alive.

There are numerous must-see places that are scattered within the area of Goldenfields. You sure would never be short of activities once you decide to come here. This is where the best food joints, the most interesting gimmick places, and the most entertaining activities can be found. No wonder, Goldenfield Commercial Complex is always teeming with guests, both locals and visiting tourists.

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Mt. Kanlaon Hiking

Mount Kanlaon is one of the more popular sites in Negros. It is the highest spot in the Visayas region. Basically, it is a volcano that is surrounded by the beautiful flora and fauna.

Mt. Kanlaon hiking is a favorite activity between visiting tourists of Negros in general and Bacolod in particular. There are different trails available, depending on your preference. The eight-kilometer Masulog trail is the shortest of them all but you can also try out longer trails, which may last for more than one day. There is no shortage of activities at Mt. Kanlaon. Even if you will just watch the wildlife, savor the flora and fauna, go camping, or enjoy the sights, you will surely have a grand time.

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Negros Museum

Negros Museum is located right at the heart of downtown Bacolod, in the city proper. It is a top tourist destination that is very accessible from other spots like the San Sebastian Cathedral, the Puiblic Plaza, the Capitol Building, and the Lagoon.

The Negros Museum presents a rich display of Negros’ past, especially that which is connected to the sugar milling industry. It features artifacts from the beginnings of the most important industry of Negros, which is traced back to the 1800s. Aside from artifacts from the sugar industry, it also has an interesting doll collection on the house. Taking a trip to Negros Museum is truly worthwhile, especially since you can savor the scenic appeal of the Capitol Lagoon afterwards.

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Pala-Pala Market

Aside from sugar, seafood is a premium product that is native to Bacolod City. Expect to buy the freshest catch from the sea when you come by practically any market within the vicinity. Among the local markets in Bacolod, Pala-Pala market is a popular choice. Why, it features a helluva of fresh choices that will definitely keep any tourist in awe.

The Pala-Pala market is located in the streetside of downtown Bacolod. It is best visited during late afternoons towards the night because that is when the freshest catch is sold. The seafood on offer is varied and fresh, you will never be short of wonderful choices.

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Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation

Negros has rich natural resources. Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation can attest to that. Located in the South Capitol Road, Bacolod City, this is a must-visit for those who want to see how the locals are preserving what nature gifted them with. You should not find it difficult to find your way through because this top tourist destination is right at the heart of Bacolod, exactly where the Capitol Building and Lagoon can be found.

The Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation is a perfect learning place. It is like a mini-forest that holds dear some of the most interesting creatures on earth. There’s the blue-napped parrot, the Visayan Tarictic Hornbill, the Visayan Warty Pig, the Visayan Spotted Deer, the Philippine Eagle Owl, and the Philippine Serpent Eagle among others.

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Capitol Park and Lagoon

The Capitol Park and Lagoon is a must-visit for a couple of reasons. First, it is very accessible. You will not miss a trip to where the provincial capitol is because it is right at the heart of Bacolod, in the city proper. Secondly, it is teeming with exciting activities. During the early hours in the morning, you will find joggers and those doing aerobic exercises scattered around the Capitol Park. In other parts of the day, you will see people coming by to enjoy the scenic sight of the man made lagoon. Lastly, the Capitol Park and Lagoon is situated in a district where some other top destinations are also conveniently located. If you are coming to San Sebastian Cathedral, you would surely decide to pass by the park as well.

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Junior Zookeeper Program

Bacolod City sure takes pride of its rich natural resources. Aware that not every town or province in the country is gifted with the same wealth, the locals know how to value theirs, which is a good thing all around.

The government with the help of the natives of Negros work hand in hand in the preservation of whatever beauty and life form is entrusted to them. The Junior Zookeeper Program is a perfect example of those efforts.

Every summer, the Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation encourages the young crowd to take part in caring for the environment and the rich natural resources that they have in the province. The Junior Zookeeper Program is that and more – providing awareness among the children on how to take care of the forests and the animals that thrive in it.

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Christmas Village

All throughout the year, Bacolod is teeming with exciting activities that every visiting tourist would love to engage in. Christmas is especially merry in this particular side of the Philippines partly because of the Christmas Village.

The Christmas Village is a private manor that holds an interesting display of figurines and other collections that were put together for so many years of exploration. It is located along San Juan Street, near the Sylvia Manor hotel. It presents an amazing display of cliffs and mountains and lakes, trying to display what the Christmas Village in North Pole must be like.

Taking pictures at the Christmas Village is prohibited. Also, your every donation to the place is used for charity.

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Centennial Belfry

No trip to Bacolod is complete without visiting the famous San Sebastian Cathedral where the Centennial Belfry is also located. The cathedral is located along Rizal Street. It is famous because it is originally made of corals. The first planner of the cathedral, Fr. Gonzaga, died before he even completed the cathedral. Finally, the structure was completed in 1894. Afterwards, the coral-made cathedral is covered by cement.

Anyway, the Centennial Belfry has a rich historical past that is as rich as the cathedral itself.

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Bacolod Public Plaza

The Bacolod Public Plaza is a notable landmark that every visiting tourist should never miss seeing. It is at the downtown area that features a couple of fountains. It also has a belt of trees and a gazebo that are perfect for sightseeing adventures.

The Bacolod Public Plaza has hosted a number of important events including concerts and shows. It is especially at the center of attraction during the Masskara Festival. That’s because most of the interesting activities that are held for the occasion are celebrated there.

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Balay Negrense

Negros has a rich historical past. That can be pictured perfectly through the Balay Negrense.

Balay Negrense is located in Silay City. It is a museum/ancestral house dedicated to the rich historical past of Negros. It is not too crowded so it will give you a comfortable option of traveling back to time.

The ancestral house is old. It was built in 1897 and was renovated in 1990 to become a historical museum that will promote the Negrense way of life. The house is owned by Frenchman Victor F. Gaston, who married a Filipina in the early 1900s. Its layout is truly remarkable, with the rooms designed for privacy. Another interesting fact about the Balay Negrense is the age-old pieces of furniture that are in it. You will surely love looking around and discovering how the locals of the olden times lived their lives.

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