Budget Friendly Options in London

Like many of the huge cities in the world that have become major tourist destinations, London has become diversely multicultural. Expect the place to be bustling with life and truly vibrant. It is the largest city in all of England and Western Europe. It's the place for royal weddings and majestic features. However, the many tourists and visitors to London don't really need to spend a hefty sum to enjoy a great vacation in the city.

Transportation Options

Getting to London will definitely require one to land in one of the biggest and busiest airports in the world, the London Heathrow airport. Of course, other passengers may have their flight booked to arrive at the Gatwick or Stansted airport, which serves a number of budget carriers–perfect for vacationing in this big city on a mere shoestring budget.

The available land transportation in London includes buses, cars (including taxis), and the ever reliable British rail network. The travel options here are pretty well defined. In case you want to travel to a major city in Britain then take a train otherwise you can take the bus. People take the cab to nearby destinations whenever short distance overland travel is required.

Where to Stay in London

Just like anywhere else in the world, there are several things to look out for when finding decent accommodations in London. Things can get very pricey in the land of royalty with prices and room rates taking on a rather royal rate. Nevertheless, those who are living off a shoestring budget while visiting London can still find decent accommodations and a good place to lay their head.

Finding budget London accommodation is absolutely possible. Tourists just need to do their homework to find these options. However, it should be noted that though these accommodations are a bit savvy on the wallet compared to most hotels in the city that doesn't mean that they are absolutely cheap. They may be cheap but they're not exactly dirt cheap, just so you know.

You can classify London accommodations into three categories: budget, midrange, and deluxe or splurge. Budget accommodations have rates averaging around 70 pounds with cheapest rates near 30 pounds a night. Midrange accommodations in London have rates from above 70 pounds to around 140 pounds. And anything going over 140 pounds can be considered a deluxe where customers usually splurge on just about anything. You can check out the different room rates online and make your choice.

Other than looking for budget hotels, hostels, and other accommodations, people can also rent university rooms. Many universities rent out their student rooms when the students are out during the summer season. Just take note that these rooms are usually single units, so bringing the entire family along might not be that ideal. People visiting London should take all the time they need when choosing a place to stay for their vacation since this will definitely take a huge chunk off their budget.

Of course, the room rates shouldn't be the only thing that should be taken into consideration. There are other factors that people should look out for. Tourists should also check out the crime rate in the neighborhood they'll be staying in. Your stay will be made a lot better if the neighborhood has a bit of cultural familiarity. Of course, you should also find a place that will be closer to the places you would like to visit, which inevitably brings down your travel cost.