Carlos Hilado Memorial State College in Bacolod City - Philippines

The Carlos Hilado Memorial State College has the distinction of being the sole state college at Negros. Ever since it was set up, the institution, through the various courses it has offered, has provided students with the opportunity to get the education they deserve.


The founding of the college goes back to the year 1954 when then Congressman Carlos Hilado of Negros Occidental had a bill passed authorizing the construction of the first trade technical education center in the province. Set in Talisay, it was named the Negros Occidental School of Arts and Trades. In the year 1994, the school was combined with the other educational institutions like the Paglaum State College and the Provincial Community College. This led to the creation of the Carlos Hilado Memorial State College.

Following the merger of all the schools, it was declared that the goal of the school was to establish an environment whereby the young people of Bacolod and Negros could attain the formal education required to reach their end goals of a better life. The first school was set in Talisay, which is about 7 km from Bacolod itself. Among the initial courses that were offered to students were Bachelor of Arts in Commerce, Accountancy and other business oriented courses. It occupies a land area of over 1.5 hectares complete with all the necessary facilities and school paraphernalia.

Location and Courses Offered

The Carlos Hilado Memorial State College currently has four campuses scattered through the various parts of Negros Occidental. Its main administrative office is located in Talisay; the second one is at Alijis in Bacolod City; there is another college at Fortune Town, also in Bacolod. The fourth campus was set up at Binalbagan in Negros Occidental. There are several courses on offer, giving the student plenty to choose from.

The courses are divided among vocational, technological and professional types. There are courses for Bachelor of Science degrees in Agriculture, Information Technology, Science, Journalism, Industry and many others. There are also courses for Teacher Education, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Industrial Technology, Civil Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy in Technology, and Masters Degrees in English, Public Administration, Math, General Science and many more.

The need for a sound educational background is essential not just for the future of the student, but also to ensure that the future of the city is secured. At the Carlos Hilado Memorial State College, the student is given the opportunity to pursue their studies, and of course, their dreams.