Cattle Farm in Bacolod City - Philippines

Found within Robinsons Place in Bacolod City, Cattle Farm is one of the most interesting restaurants in the area as it perfectly combines a wide selection of steaks and authentic Japanese specialties. Famous for its tender, juicy, and tasty steaks, this Bacolod restaurant serves pork and beef dishes, as well as other exceptional in-house specialties. Simultaneously, many people love to wine and dine inside this place because of its inexpensive Japanese food offerings. Unlike other first-class Japanese restaurants, this dining facility serves authentic Japanese cuisine but without the usual high prices.

Right inside Cattle Farm in Bacolod City, people can order different types of sashimi, sushi, and set meals. Other all-time favorites that customers always order inside this fine Bacolod restaurant are Yakitori, Tonkatsu, and Beef Misono. At the same time, many people also love the sweet pleasant taste of Beef Teriyaki and Chicken Teriyaki. In order to avail the best deals in the house, people can try the special Sumo Meals, where the can enjoy sumptuous servings of Japanese food all for the price of 290 pesos. Primarily, a typical Sumo Meal already has Beef Teriyaki, Sushi, and Tempura all in one order. In addition, this particular meal also comes with a Miso Soup, a cup of rice, and regular size iced tea.

Just like all the nicest Japanese restaurants in Bacolod City, Cattle Farm also has a cozy and rather quiet atmosphere inside. This Bacolod restaurant uses classy, clean, and definitely stylish plates in serving the food. The tables are very clean, the seats comfortable, and it is conveniently situated within one of the biggest shopping malls in the area. This place also has its very own comfort rooms, which are specifically designed for the exclusive use of its customers. Furthermore, the waiters as well as the other staff of this place are dressed properly, which is one way of showing respect and courtesy to its valued guests and visitors.

Cattle Farm is situated right within Robinsons Place in Bacolod City, which is without a doubt one of the largest shopping centers in the area. From this place, the customers of this inviting Bacolod restaurant can easily go to any of the nearest lodging facilities including standard-class hotels Hotel Alhambra, Northwest Inn, and Business Inn. Likewise, those individuals who are looking for finer accommodations and services, they can stay inside first-class hotels like Planta Centro Bacolod, LFisher Hotel, and Luxur Place.

For restaurant reservations, people can reach the management and staff of Cattle Farm in Bacolod City by calling the phone line (034)-433-7230. Finally, they can also call the alternate telephone number of this premier Bacolod restaurant, which is (034)-434-7186.