Chicken Deli in Bacolod City - Philippines

With several branches available all throughout Bacolod City, Chicken Deli surely is a highly successful restaurant chain that specializes in grilled chicken dishes. Its branches include one in SM City, another in Gaisano, and another one along 8th Lacson Street. More than anything else, this enticing Bacolod restaurant chain is proud to present its very own version of the Chicken Inasal dish, which is generally described as yummy, tender, and juicy. Of course, to make such delicacy more interesting, this place also provides palatable sawsawan, which is primarily a special sauce made up of tasty key ingredients such as chili, vinegar, and soy sauce. To add more taste and flavor, customers can put their desired amount of calamansi right into the mix.

After starting out as a simple dining establishment, Chicken Deli blossomed into one of the most successful and attractive homegrown restaurants in Bacolod City. This Bacolod restaurant serves appetizing garlic rice, which complements very well the rich flavor and tender texture of Chicken Inasal. Another specialty of the house is called Kare-Kare, which comes with a generous serving of special bagoong. This particular dish is made up of eggplant, sitaw, and meat submerged in super rich, creamy, and thick sauce that uses peanut butter as a special ingredient. Its Chicken Inasal is available in different types including legs, wings, and chicken breasts. For those who wish to dine in at this impressive dining facility, a budget of around 200 pesos or more is enough to satisfy one or two individuals.

Chicken Deli in Bacolod City oozes with a nice, pleasant, and casual atmosphere. Inside this Bacolod restaurant, its customers can eat chicken either using their hands or with the help of spoons and forks. This place is a perfect location for friends, families, and relatives to hang out and bond with one another. At the same time, they will surely enjoy its rather cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. Likewise, customers can order beer, which goes well with its different food offerings. This place is fully air-conditioned, which guarantees that people always feel at home whenever they dine inside this inviting restaurant.

Chicken Deli has three major branches in Bacolod City, one in SM City, another one in Gaisano, and the last along 8th Lacson Street. After enjoying satisfying meals inside these Bacolod restaurants, its customers can find a variety of lodging facilities where they can avail cozy, affordable, and safe accommodations. Some of the nearest hotels from the place are Tamera Plaza Inn, Sugarland Hotel, and Sea Breeze Hotel. Other options include Circle Inn, Check Inn Pension, and Casino Filipino Hotel.

People can contact the branch of Chicken Deli along 8th Lacson Street in Bacolod City thru the telephone number (034)-433-3506. Meanwhile, the landline number for the Gaisano branch is (034)-433-6265. Finally, the telephone numbers of the SM City branch are (034)-435-0489 and (034)-432-0395.