Bacolod Climate - Philippines

The climate in Bacolod, just like the rest of the Philippines, goes through changes, so if you are contemplating on having a vacation in this famous city, it would be well on your part to understand and have an idea of the basic weather pattern around the area.

While most of the countries in the Americas and Europe have four pronounced seasons (winter, spring, autumn and summer), the nations near the equator like the Philippines usually have only two seasons; the dry and wet seasons, or the rainy or sunny periods. This certainly holds true for almost all the regions. For this reason, the climate in Bacolod is marked by these two periods.

The wet period runs from May to January, although strictly speaking, the rain starts falling almost on a daily basis during the months from August to September. The average rainfall is 102 mm, although this may go up some more when the rains get heavy during the aforementioned months. The months before also have rain but not as strong nor as prevalent.

The summer season begins in late February up to the end of April. Again as in the rainy season, the temperature increases slowly. The end of February is marked by a slow increase in the warmth and humidity, with the hottest days during the month of April. The thermometer at this point will register readings of up to 30 degrees Celsius, although it will rarely go over 33 degrees. When the climate in Bacolod reaches this level, people usually head to the beaches and dive sites, which signals it is the peak tourist season.

Although there is no winter season in the Philippines, the months from October to February are cold periods. Sometimes they are marked by occasional rainfall, and in some parts of the country there are typhoons, although Bacolod is spared from these most of the time.

The coldest days are in February. The days leading up to the Christmas season in December are also recognized for the drop in temperature, although it is characterized more by strong winds rather rain. This is most evident in the early mornings.

Getting used to the climate in Bacolod becomes easier when you are able to recognize and know what to expect. So if you are going to the city for a leisure trip, you can rest easy knowing the weather is not going to spoil the fun for you.