Far East Bamboo Exports in Bacolod City - Philippines

Besides the various tourist attractions, Bacolod is also the home of several fine stores and shopping centers, and one of the most popular is the Far East Bamboo Bacolod Exports which sells some of the loveliest furniture not just in the province, but in the whole country.


The shop is located at Barangay Bubog in Talisay in Negros. It is less than 15 minutes away from Bacolod itself, and can be reached by any jeepney or tricycle. The shop is nestled in a warehouse. The place functions as both the store and the office.

What to Buy

The best way to describe the place is that it is dedicated to fine home furnishing. There are numerous items for sale there and they can be roughly divided into four groups, namely, the collections for the living room, bedroom, home decoration and ornaments and dining room. There are beds, chairs, lampshades, tables, trimmings for walls, various displays and many more at the Far East Bamboo Bacolod Exports.

The materials used to make these products are numerous and varied; these include rattan, abaca, bamboo, glass, metal, sika and other fabrics, textures and components. The products sold at the store, as the name makes clear, are not just to local residents but also exported to many other countries, including Brazil, Peru, Japan, Australia, the United States, South Africa and many other nations.


Given the high quality craftsmanship that comes with the products being sold, the price is not cheap. However, the costs, from the smaller decorations to the other larger furniture, are competitive and reasonable. The durability of the furnishings sold here are also well known, so you can enjoy it for many a year.

Aside from selling various products, the Far East Bamboo Bacolod Exports can also create special, customized products. Whatever it is you may need, from beds to chairs to other household items, you can ask for one to be built (and specify the material you want) and the shop will do it for you.

Other Info

It is run by Ms. Nora Lamata and their website is http://www.fareastbamboo.com. On the site you can find picture galleries showcasing their latest products. Their projects, awards and upcoming events are also there. There is also a contact us section where you can reach them.

The Far East Bamboo Bacolod Exports is a high end shop. If you have a taste for world class furnishing or redecorating your home, one of the items here might be the one that will add the final finishing touch to your dwelling.