Gaisano Mall in Bacolod City - Philippines

Ayala is truly not just one big company, it is also one that is big on making the Filipino people have the time of their lives just within their shores. This is idea is ever present in the Gaisano Mall, a one of a kind shopping center this side of Bacolod. The Gaisano Mall in Bacolod is actually just one of the various Gaisano Mall branches in the Philippines. The other branches of Gaisano Mall are located in Cebu, Leyte, Ormoc, Davao, General Santos City, Cagayan de Oro, Malaybalay, Aklan, Capiz, Butuan, Iloilo, Iligan, and Zamboanga. But if you are going to look for the branches of Gaisano Mall in Bacolod, these are the places to go to for you to be able to shop and have the time of your lives the Gaisano Mall way (pun intended):

1. Araneta Street in Singcang - this is where the Gaisano City Super Mall is located.

2. Luzuriaga corner Gatuslao - this is where you go to if you intend to go to the Main branch of Gaisano Mall - Bacolod

3. Gaisano City, Singcang - this, on the other hand, is where to go to if you would like to go to Gaisano City Mall.

Gaisano Mall is hailed as one of the stateliest and most sought after shopping and entertainment centers in the Southern Philippines, all because of its revolutionary and innovative style as well as the many treats that you would be able to see if you get in there. It is even hailed as the largest in terms of size and services offered. From restaurants, boutiques, the hip department store, the all purpose supermarkets, to the appliance centers, sports centers, even spas, banks, and medical centers right on the premises of Gaisano Mall - name it, you have it.

In the Gaisano Mall, you may expect that the services and products sold were one of the costliest, but then, they really aren't. You see, Gaisano Mall actually even has the most reasonably priced items and services on sale most of the time. They even have bargains and sales that they come up with whenever there are occasions that warrant huge customer turn out, such as holiday seasons and graduations.

How was the Gaisano Mall born? It actually all began in the early 80s as a mere retail store. Just after a year of operations, it began having its very own supermarket and department store. In this manner, the Gaisano Mall, the super shopping center that we know of right now, was brought into existence and has ever since been in the personal lifestyles and even in the business functions and personal histories of the many people where Gaisano Mall is viewed upon as an institution.