Goldenfields Kundutel in Bacolod City - Philippines

Among the three star hotels in Bacolod, the Goldenfields Kundutel has become one of the most popular, as the combination of great service together with its agreeable price seems to strike the right chord with budget conscious tourists.

Room Rates

There are a grand total of 83 rooms in the inn. The top of the line is the Royal Suite, which costs Php 2,500. Next is the Presidential Suite which is also priced at Php 2,500. The Ambassador Suite costs Php 2,300 Php daily, while the Executive Suite comes in at Php 1,900. The Family Room, good for four people, will cost about Php 1,500, while a Family Room for 3 people is priced at Php 1,400.

The Superior Matrimonial at the Goldenfields Kundutel comes in at Php 1,300, while the Deluxe and Standard cost Php 1,200 and Php 1,100 respectively. Regardless of which you choose, the staff is always ready and prepared to handle any request you may have.

Amenities and Accommodations

The rooms at the hotel come with large and comfortable beds, and there are also telephones in each one. The comfort rooms are complete with all the necessary furnishings and also a refrigerator with plenty of food. Part of the service includes transportation to and from the airport. Of course, its location puts it right in the middle of all the commercial establishments. The hotel is only a few minutes from all the major restaurants and malls, so anytime you feel like going shopping you will have no problems getting to your destination.

Location and Contact Information

The Goldenfields Kundutel can be found right at the Goldenfields Commercial Complex in Bacolod City. As one of the main business hubs in the suburb, it is well known by the locals and can get there via jeepney or tricycle. The cost of the transportation depends on what you choose. A jeepney comes in at around Php 20 while a taxi is more expensive (usually around Php 100), albeit the ride is more comfortable.

For those interested in securing a room, reservations and other inquiries can be made through email at You can also send them a fax message at (034) 433-7202 or call them at telephone number 433-7211 to 16.

Bacolod is a metropolis bursting with life and there are plenty of tourist attractions everywhere. At the Goldenfields Kundutel you are assured of a fine place to inhabit while savoring the sights and sounds of the city.