How to get to Bacolod by Land

Bacolod City is fast becoming a travel treasure in the Visayas region. One of the factors that drove that is the fact that transportation in and around the city is pretty easy nowadays. If you are confused how to get to Bacolod by land, dont be. There are a host of transportation modes that could get you there fast.

Bacolod has a bus line that could get you to the city proper. The Ceres Liner is a popular one. It goes through routes that would conveniently take you to the many tourist spots in Bacolod City and its neighboring towns. It is also one of the available transport choices from the ports and the airport as well. But wait, the bus line is just one of the many options you can use to answer the query on how to get to Bacolod by land.

There are also a lot of jeepneys in Bacolod that could take you in and get you around. Jeepney routes connect Bacolod to other neighboring towns. Of course, if you are coming from a farther area like Cebu or Manila, which is separated from Bacolod by huge bodies of water, you will have to go through the sea port and airport respectively. From there, you can take the jeepney to get you to the city proper.

If crowded transportation means are not your cup of tea and you have more money to spare for your travel expenses, you can always use taxis to get you to Bacolod City. Aside from that, there are travel agencies that would be more than excited to arrange a suitable transport service for you. Of course, this means a heavier price tag. But the amount you pay is just about enough to give you the comfort that you want.

Of the three options on how to get to Bacolod by land, choosing taxis and rented vans are pricier. Public transportation modes like jeepneys and buses normally charge a lower fare. The decision on which mode of transport to choose as to how to get to Bacolod by land depends on your requirement and your budget. If you have got enough money to pay for private service vehicles, you may well do so. But if you are traveling on a shoestring or you choose to spend more on other things than just the transport service, you can easily hop on a regular public vehicle to get you to your destination.

How to get to Bacolod by land is certainly not a deal nowadays with lots of options available.