How to get to Bacolod by Plane

How to get to Bacolod by plane? Its not that difficult. But read on because we have lots of tips and guidelines to make your travel more convenient and affordable.

Bacolod is most accessible by plane. From anywhere you may be in the Philippines or the world, you can easily get to Bacolod if you know the exact routes you need to take.

If you are from another country, you can take a plane to Manila and take another one to Bacolod from there via the Bacolod-Silay Airport. Or, you can also choose to travel straight to Cebu City and then catch another plane to Bacolod City. There are also direct international flights to Clark, Angeles where you can also take a direct domestic flight to Bacolod. Whichever way is amazing because you will be given an opportunity to explore another tourist spot other than your main target. Manila, Cebu, and Angeles all have their own treasures waiting to be seen and explored by every kind of traveler. The travel time from the National Capital Region is between 45 minutes to a little over an hour.

If you are from another town or province in the Philippines, check out if a domestic flight to Bacolod is available. Apart from the three international airports mentioned above, which flies to Bacolod regularly, there are other airports, domestic and otherwise, that has a way of reaching the wonderful capital of Negros Occidental.

In the case of choosing the airline company that will take you to Bacolod, you also have a lot of choices. Local airline companies like Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, and the countrys flag carrier Philippine Airlines all have regular flights to Bacolod. Among the three, Cebu Pacific is the least expensive. It depends on your comfort requirement, however, which airline company to choose. If you think you will feel more comfortable with Air Philippines brand of service even if it charges slightly higher than Cebu Pacific, you can go with it. If PAL makes you feel at home, you can choose to go with it as well. Aside from the three main airline companies that fly in and around the country, there are also small-named carriers that can take you to Bacolod by plane. Check them out online to ensure that they indeed carry domestic flights to Bacolod and to check their schedules as well.

You see, how to get to Bacolod by plane is no longer a million dollar question. There are a million and one ways to answer it. The only deciding point is which option gives you what you need and what you want at the same time.