How to get to Bacolod by Sea

Bacolod is separated from other areas by huge bodies of water. That is why one of the best modes of transport to get there is by ferries and boats. If you want to know how to get to Bacolod by Sea, you better pay attention to this article because we will give you all the information as well as tips that you need for the fastest, easiest, and most convenient travel option you could ever have.

Bacolod is accessible by sea from different parts of the Philippines. Whenever there is a sea port, you can surely find a way to get to Bacolod hassle-free. The only fact that you will need to pay attention to is whether or not that sea port covers direct transport to Bacolod or not. In some areas, you will have to go through other ports to get to Bacolod.

How to get to Bacolod by sea? Easy. If you depart from Manila, you can catch a shipping facility courtesy of either Sulpicio Lines, WG&A Philippines, or Negros Navigation to get you to Bacolod. The cost of each is not too far from one another. One thing is for sure, though, traveling by sea is far more economical than doing so by air. Air fare is way more expensive than ferry rates. If you re on a tight budget and you have the patience to endure long hours of travel, there is no reason for you not to choose transporting to Bacolod by sea.

Yes, the travel time is probably the most unlikable factor about how to get to Bacolod by sea. If you can reach Bacolod from Manila in 45 minutes by plane, you will have to spend 22 to 24 hours sitting on a ferry to get there. Well, it helps a lot that the Philippines offers many scenic views which you can feast on while waiting to reach your destination.

In fact, some travelers even choose a ferry route from Cebu to enjoy the sights. They fly to Cebu and instead of getting a connecting flight to Bacolod, they hop in a ferry and enjoy the lovely feeling of communing with the sea.

There is a ferry that lands on San Carlos, Negros Occidental. From there, you can take a cab or a bus to get to the city proper. There is also a port to Escalante City, which is not as crowded. Either ways, you get to experience Visayas at its best while waiting to get to your goal, which is Bacolod City.