John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation in Bacolod City - Philippines

One of the educational institutions in Bacolod City that aim to improve the quality of education in tertiary level, John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation is situated within the area of Alijis. Tourists who want to visit this school can instantly locate it since there are numerous public utility vehicles that transport people to the area. For instance, people who will be coming from Manila City can reach the city proper either by taking flights from NAIA to Bacolod airport or by cruising from Manila seaport to Bacolod seaport. From these locations, they can find taxis that can bring them to this institution. On the other hand, for those who do not want to ride in cabs, there are jeepneys at the ports that are bound to Alijis. Approximate travel time from the ports to this tertiary school in Bacolod City is 20 minutes to 40 minutes.

John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation takes pride in the four baccalaureate degrees that it offers. For those who like to pursue careers related to the maritime industry, they can enroll at the degree programs Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation, as well as Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering. Aside from these, the schools also offer degree programs in management and administration, namely Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration and Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Major in Cruise Ship Services. Meanwhile, for those who want to improve their skills in catering and stewarding in cruise ships, they can register in its One-Year Seafarer Program. Besides these academic programs, this tertiary school in Bacolod City also offers technical and vocational courses.

Former U.S. Coast Guard Service Lieutenant Commander Juan B. Lacson founded this tertiary school in Bacolod City in 1976. This educational institution started with some associate maritime courses until in the 1990s, a rapid growth and improvement in the performance of this school was observed. The improving performance of John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation led to the addition of four-year degrees including Bachelor of Science in Maritime Engineering.

Many students who want to take maritime-related courses enroll in this school because it promotes good quality of education, as well as its tuition fees are very affordable. By allocating 10,000 pesos to 20,000 pesos, people can enroll in any of the baccalaureate programs in the place. For inquiries regarding the facilities and academic programs at John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation, interested students can visit its website at