L Sea DimSum in Bacolod City - Philippines

One of the most popular Chinese dining facilities in Bacolod City, L Sea DimSum Restaurant is situated right along 14th Lacson Street. This convenient Bacolod restaurant serves deliciously authentic Chinese delicacies including different kinds of special dumplings and rice toppings. Because of its low prices, a budget of 200 pesos to 300 pesos can already satisfy a couple of guests at most. One of the specialties of the house is Steamed Chicken with Black Mushroom, an appetizing treat that never disappoints customers with its nice pleasant taste and tender texture.

Primarily, L Sea DimSum in Bacolod City is a noodle house, which serves different kinds of freshly cooked noodle varieties, complete with hot soup and packed with many important ingredients. For individuals who love special seafood treats, they can always order Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, which can be dipped into a nice, pleasant, and appropriately spicy sauce. From the different kinds of rice toppings available, the Soy Chicken Rice Topping is one of the heavy favorites amongst regular customers. This Bacolod restaurant provides generous servings of its different Chinese delicacies, ensuring that its customers are totally satisfied whenever they leave this place. Other notable dishes included in its extensive menu include Siopao, Shrimp Balls, and Siomai.

L Sea DimSum in Bacolod City offers a cheerful and casual atmosphere, which makes it very attractive for fun-loving people as well as individuals who love to try out different kinds of tasty dishes. Additionally, this Bacolod restaurant also has four function rooms available, which make it one of the nicest, highly convenient, and conducive venues for holding special events like birthdays, meetings, and wedding receptions. To go with these enticing delicacies, this dining facility also serves many types of refreshing beverages including iced teas, fruit juices, bottled water, and soft drinks.

For those who are wondering where they can find L Sea DimSum in Bacolod City, they can go directly along 14th Lacson Street. From this particular location, customers of this inviting Bacolod restaurant can easily go to any of the closest, safest, and most convenient hotels in the area. The list of dependable and cozy hospitality service providers near the place include Travellers Inn, Kimas Pension House, and Baldevia Pension House, all of which offer super low room rates.

Interested people can easily find L Sea DimSum along 14th Lacson Street in Bacolod City. For inquiries and reservations, they can reach the people behind this Bacolod restaurant by dialing the phone number (034)-434-2509.