Llacaon Island in Bacolod City - Philippines

Island hopping has been a perennial favorite activity of tourists. If you are in Bacolod, and want to try this out, you can start off by heading to Llacaon Island Beach, one of the most picturesque of the many islands around the Philippine archipelago.

What to See

Setting your feet upon the island the first thing that will catch your eye will be the white sands, which are among the purest and cleanest in the country. The texture is very soft and refined. The skies over the island are also spectacular, with the azure sky and white clouds giving way to brilliant colors of ochre, gold and indigo, and crimson in the later afternoons. The quality of the air is also very fresh, as it is untainted by pollution. The fact that Llacaon Island Beach is not that well known means it does not suffer from problems like being too crowded.

Just as immaculate as the sands are the waters. The waters, whose hues are sapphire-like, invite one to go for long and relaxing swims. Taking a bath in these waters refreshes the body and the mind as well. Just feeling it caressing your skin can bring back a feeling of vitality. The verdant greenery in and around the place also adds to the already beautiful ambient setting.

The island is actually a resort and it has several amenities that you can avail of. There are several cottages for rent. Llacaon Island Beach resort is complete with a bar, an eatery where delectable seafood can be taken as well as a shop for purchasing scuba equipment and other gear. You can also buy several souvenir items and products from the shops around the resort. The Mambukal Resort is also nearby, where you can also avail of other necessities.

Location and Cost

The beach can be found on the tip off Negros Occidental. It is right at the northern point, and is only 20 minutes away by motor boat if you are at Barangay Cadiz. If you are emanating from Bacolod City, the Llacaon Island Beach is less than an hour away (being 48 km away, that is about 45 minutes by motorized banca). The boat ride itself costs around Php 250 per individual although the rates may vary slightly depending on the services you choose.

There are plenty of pure sandy beaches in the Philippines that have yet to be fully explored, and this is one of them. As you traverse the beautiful white sands of this beach, you can feel all your worries and anxieties dissipate.