Mambukal Hot Spring Resort in Bacolod City - Philippines

Situated at Minoyan within the area of Murcia in Bacolod City, Mambukal Hot Spring Resort is a very fine place to stay especially for people who want to experience something fun, relaxing, and enjoyable to do. Because of the large hot spring pool, the guests of this inviting three-star Bacolod resort can always take pleasure swimming in its nice warm water. It also has a very cozy coffee shop, where drinking nice cups of coffee is always a pleasant and comforting experience for everyone. For those who are in for some business and leisure, the resort conference hall is always a very nice location to hold all those important occasions such as meetings, seminars, and workshops.

For people who love to camp outdoors, they will surely enjoy the Ishiwata Camping Ground of Mambukal Hot Spring Resort in Bacolod City. There are also several picnic huts all over this Bacolod resort, where guests can share great-tasting food as well as exchange nice stories with one another. For all the thrill-seekers out there, a visit to this place is not complete without trying its wall climbing facilities. In addition, guests can shout their hearts out while trying the super exciting Slide for Life. There are also some boats for everyone, as well as swimming pools, one of which is specifically designed for kids while the other one is open for everyone.

Because many people are expected to stay at Mambukal Hot Spring Resort in Bacolod City, the place now features various types of cozy, convenient, and super comfortable room accommodations. For budget-conscious guests, there is no better choice than to stay at the highly affordable Standard Lodges. Meanwhile, those who are looking for rooms that are more spacious than regular units, Deluxe Lodges are also available inside this Bacolod resort. For the ultimate room accommodations, this highly interesting resort facility also has Suite Rooms, which are highly elegant and grander than other regular rooms. Room rates usually start from 1,500 pesos, which can go up depending on what types of rooms are available.

Mambukal Hot Spring Resort is found at Minoyan within the Murcia area, which is a really nice spot in Bacolod City. By staying at this premier Bacolod resort, guests do have easy access to major commercial establishments like banks, shopping centers, and retail stores. Furthermore, there are also numerous inviting dining establishments near the place such as Skoro Garden, Bobs Restaurant, and Apollo Restaurant.

Log on at to find out more on the other interesting details and features of Mambukal Hot Spring Resort in Bacolod City. Other contact details of this inviting Bacolod resort include the telephone numbers (02)-929-5671, (02)-928-2101, and (02)-433-7532. Interested people can also reach its staff and management thru the mobile phone line 0919-5630636.