Mambukal Mountain Resort

Mambukal Mountain Resort is situated one thousand two hundred feet above sea level and it is known as the entry point to Mount Kanlaon. Mount Kanlaon is the tall volcano you can find in the town called Murcia in Negros Occidental. Mambukal is a resort famous for the hot springs with sulfuric waters. From Bacolod city Mambukal Mountain Resort is just a forty five minute drive with a car. You may also ride in a jeepney bound for Murcia.

Mambukal is most popular for its spa that has hot water from the springs and cold water from the mountain. Their spa is known for the healthy and therapeutic benefits that help relieve fatigue and stress. They also have a nice spot where you can experience a great view of the surrounding areas and the mountain. Guests can also enjoy a canopy walk adventure on their hanging bridges. The resort also has an area for wall climbing and a huge slide called the slide for life. Guests will also see different kinds of orchids, ferns and pines. These plants thrive well because of the cool climate and very fertile soil.

The resort also has a hotel offering different accommodations where guests can stay. They offer dormitory rooms, cottages, standard rooms, deluxe rooms and suites. Guests should check in at two oclock in the afternoon and check out at noon time the following day. The following are the rates for the rooms:

1. Cottages

a. cottages with two beds P900.00

b. cottages with four beds- P1,200.00

c. cottages with six beds P1,500.00

2. Standard room P600.00

3. Deluxe room P750.00

4. Suites P1,000.00

5. The dormitory is good for twenty persons for P2,000.00 or P100.00 per person.

For day tour guests the admission fee is thirty pesos and ten pesos for children. The parking ticket for cars or vans costs fifteen pesos but it is thirty pesos for a tourist bus. The admission ticket to the swimming pools costs fifty pesos for people aged twelve years old and up and twenty pesos only for children eleven years of age and below. Day tour guests can rent picnic huts. The rent for the small picnic huts costs three hundred pesos and six hundred pesos for the big huts

Murcia was town established by an Augustinian priest named Fr. Miguel Alvarez in the 1800s. Murcia was a name adapted from another Spanish town with the same name. During the Second World War Murcias municipal hall became the Japanese armys headquarters that were often attacked by guerilla forces. They were driven out from Murcia in 1945 and a new government was established by then governor Alfredo Montelibano Sr.

If you want to go to Mambukal Resort you can call them for your reservations at +63-2-4337535, +63-2-9282101 and +63-919-5630636.