Mt. Kanlaon Hiking in Bacolod City - Philippines

Negros flourishes with natural wonders, and one of the best ways to get a taste of what the city and province has to offer is to go Mt. Kanlaon hiking. Whether you are a veteran hiker or just a neophyte, the area around this 2,400 ft volcano / mountain is something you will enjoy.

What to See

Although there are several possible routes to take, the best and most attractive one is along the Wasay / Guintubdan mountain trail. The trail itself commences from Mambucal Resort (which, with the falls and springs around it, are quite an attraction in itself). As you traverse the land you will enter lush forests and eventually reach the Hardin Sang Balo.

From there the Mt. Kanlaon hiking continues on to the Samoc area, which is often remarked by the trekkers as among the most beautiful you will pass in the entire journey. There are stunning blue lagoons, which were formed from the crater of the volcano. Next you will pass by the Margaha Valley, where more impressive rock formations and rugged land features await you.

The culmination of the trip will be the ascent to the crater itself. Once there you can stay and camp for the night and the view can be simply stunning, be it in the afternoons or in the evenings.

Location and Cost

The volcano / mountain is at Barangay. Mambucal in Murcia in Negros. If you are in Bacolod you need to take a jeepney which will take you to this locale. If you are going to go Mt. Kanlaon hiking, you should get all the necessary equipment at the stores near the Mambucal Resort (if you had not bought the supplies already).

You also need to get in touch with the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) to get the guide. The rate is Php 500 daily. Also you should contact the Mt. Kanlaon National Park for more information.

There is also a fee of Php 320 for adults while for students it is Php 220. Although the volcano has been inactive for a long time, it is always a good idea to check with the local authorities with regards to any signs of activity going on at the volcano.

Going Mt. Kanlaon hiking is an enjoyable experience. For nature lovers it will be a chance to get away from city life while for first timers, it will be an unforgettable journey.