Pala-Pala Market in Bacolod City - Philippines

There are several public markets in the City of Smiles, but for sheer affordability and unpretentiousness, the Pala Pala Market in Bacolod is hard to resist. Those with a strong love for seafood will relish this place.

What You Can Buy

The best time to visit this place is in the afternoons because that is when the fish and other seafood are prepared and sold. The types of fish for sale are varied and numerous, among them bisugo, lapu lapu, bangus, fresh squid, sea prawns, shrimps and more. There are also plenty of shells and oysters sold as well as an assortment of other Filipino dishes and cuisine. Because they are very fresh, they are sumptuous and rival those of any other seafood restaurant.

What sets the Pala Pala Market in Bacolod apart from others is that it is also a restaurant. Before there used to be stalls set up so you can eat, but now things have improved thanks to the presence of the eatery. It is there that you can order fresh seafood. Aside from the ones mentioned earlier, there are also tangigue, clams. blue marlin and many more.

There are also a lot of beverages that you can order, including soft drinks, orange juice and others. Rice, a staple in Philippine and Asian dishes, is also widely available. There are also fried calamares, tomatoes, onions and other garnishing. As with the other products for sale, the prices are very agreeable. Among the favorite dishes here are tuna and the squid mixed with Tanglad leaves.

Location and Cost

The Pala Pala Market in Bacolod is located downtown, right on 18th street close to Lacson St. The cost of the food at the restaurant there is very affordable. Not only can you specify how you want your seafood cooked (grilled, fried, with sauce etc) but the costs are very affordable.

A group of four people that will order six cups of rice with fish and fried calamares will cost less than Php 1,000. In addition, the blue marlin itself sells for no more than Php 200. Of course, the value of the other meals will vary depending on the type of seafood you are going to order.

If you love seafood, or just enjoy eating out and getting a feel for Filipino culture, the Pala Pala Market in Bacolod can serve as a gateway for experiencing the life and habits of the locals in the city.