Panaad sa Negros in Bacolod City - Philippines

Considered as the biggest and most popular, interesting, as well as inviting festivals in Bacolod City, Panaad sa Negros features numerous exciting events that people can watch or observe. This annual and weeklong fiesta is commonly held at the third week of April. Local tourists and foreigners who will be coming from Cebu City and Manila City who want to watch this event should make advance reservations in flights and cruises to Bacolod airport since every year a great number of people visit the place to observe the Bacolod festival. From the ports of the city, tourists can arrange with taxi drivers to take them to Panaad Park and Stadium within Barangay Mansilingan where this event is usually held.

Panaad sa Negros is very famous since every year 19 towns and 13 cities in the province of Negros Occidental participate in this celebration. Tourists will surely enjoy this annual event because it features 32 different and renowned festivals in the area such as Bulang Bulang Festival, Kadalag-an Festival, Dinagsa Festival. Aside from these, it also includes Magayon Festival, Sinigayan Festival, and Humay Humay Festival.

For the entertainment of local tourists and foreigners who visit the city to watch this Bacolod festival, it features attractive and inviting events like cultural presentations that depict the histories and heritages of the towns and cities of Negros Occidental. Additionally, people can also enjoy the different art exhibitions featured at the park. Furthermore, this festival features beauty pageants and wellness competitions like Panaad sa Negros National Mountain Bike Race. This fiesta also provides nice venues for shoppers for it features several bazaars like Organic na Negros Agri-Fest, as well as Livestock and Dairy Products Fair. At the final day of the event, it holds special food fiesta where tourists can try some of the delicious and pleasant tasting delicacies in Negros Occidental.

Conceptualized and first celebrated in 1993, Panaad sa Negros is annually held in Bacolod City as a way of thanking the local patrons of Negros Occidental for good, healthy, and bountiful life. When the festival started, it was only held for three years. As time passed by, the number of participants and tourists who observe the event increased. In the late 1990s, the provincial government decided to extend the celebration into a weeklong event. To have a nice and memorable celebration, tourists are advised to allot 5,000 pesos to 10,000 pesos as budgets for their accommodations and food during weeklong stay in Bacolod City.