Pyromagic Festival in Bacolod City - Philippines

For two years in a row, Bacolod skies light up with delight via the Pyromagic Festival that is held every December in SM City Bacolod.

Yes, SM City Bacolod is the proud host of this eye-catching event. The 29th mall of the SM management is located along Rizal Street of the Reclamation Area in Bacolod City. It is one of the busiest destinations in Bacolod with its many boutiques, shops, and whatnots that serve not just the shopping market but also those people who are into entertainment and just having fun. In fact, the Pyromagic Festival is one big event that SM City Bacolod goers look forward to every time it is held. Come December, all roads lead to SM City Bacolod not just because it is time for Christmas shopping but moreso because the next Pyromagic Festival is planned to wow the crowd.

The Pyromagic Festival, as mentioned above is held annually at the SM City Bacolod, particularly in its Fiesta Strip. The SM Management is also one of the major sponsors of the event. It works hand in hand with the city government to bring joy and pride to the people of Bacolod through the pyrotechnics competition. The event is joined not just by locals but other pyrotechnic-crazy individuals from around the country and the world over.

Aside from the fireworks display that dominates the event, there is also great entertainment in store for everyone. A food festival and a sound-off leads to the competition. While waiting for the wonderful display of skylights, families and groups of friend who come to see the event can fill their stomach with luscious treats prepared by SMs food connoisseurs. Once full, they can hang around the mall and enjoy the extended mall hours for all the items they need to buy in preparation for the holiday season.

The Pyromagic is truly one magical experience that you should not miss. If you are to travel to Bacolod, make sure that you go around the same time the festivities for the Pyromagic Festival is being held. It is a world-class festival that showcases not just local talents. It is truly a treat that your eyes will love feasting on. And since the Pyromagic Festival is being held right at the heart of an SM mall, you will find that there is no shortage of things to do while waiting for the actual event to unfold. The Pyromagic Festival truly defines what having a blast in Bacolod is all about.