Riverside Medical Center in Bacolod City - Philippines

One of the tertiary hospitals located along B. S. Aquino Drive in Bacolod City, Riverside Medical Center offers outstanding patient services to those who need medical assistance. Since it is situated in a popular area in the city, people can situate the place without hassles. For patients who come from other major cities in the Philippines like Cebu City and Manila City, they can cruise to Bacolod seaport. However, if they are in a hurry, they need to take flights bound to the airport of the city since it will only take them less than an hour to reach Bacolod. From these locations, they can ride in public utility vehicles including taxis and jeepneys that will pass through Aquino Drive.

For ambulatory or emergency services, patients can contact any of the staff at Riverside Medical Center at (034) 433-7331 and (034) 705-000. Meanwhile, for those who need to send medical reports of patients who will be transferred to this Bacolod hospital, they can fax the data at (034) 434-5532. For inquiries, complaints, and suggestions, patients can check its website at www.rivermed.center.net , or they can send email messages at info@rivermedcenter.net.

Originally situated along 23rd Street in Bacolod City, Riverside Medical Center opened its door to public in 1954. It began with only eight beds to offer. During this year, many patients seek medical assistance at this place, which led to the construction of an annex building and addition of eight beds in the following years. In the 1960s, the number of people who asked for medical services in this hospital grew. Because of this, the facilities of the place expanded and at least 50 beds were added. To provide efficient services to people in Bacolod City, Riverside Medical Center has offered medical courses to students like nursing and midwifery. In 1969 Patients who are in search for Bacolod hospital that offers high quality, reliable, and efficient medical services, they can visit Riverside Medical Center. The performance of the medical facility has improved and it decided to acquire a vacant lot along Aquino Drive.

Some of the departments at River Medical Center are Outpatient Department, Emergency Department, as well as Pediatrics. Aside from these, this Bacolod hospital has an Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. To ensure that patients will get the medical assistance that they need, it employs outstanding and excellent medical professionals like physicians and nurses. Moreover, to help those who do not have ample budget to pay for their medical needs, this health care facility accepts health cards and some physicians give discounts to their patients.