STI College in Bacolod City - Philippines

A tertiary school in Bacolod that is known for promoting high quality education, STI College Bacolod is situated in an accessible and strategic area of the city that makes it more luring to college students. Found at 26th Street within the vicinity of Lacson, this educational institution is easily located by individuals since many public utility vehicles pass through this area. To those from Manila City who want to see the facilities of this college should take flights at Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Bacolod airport. From this location, they can find taxis that transport people to the school campus. Meanwhile, for people who want to travel in vessels they need to go to the seaport of Manila and ride in boats bound to Bacolod. As the reach the port, they can find jeepneys, which will pass through the area where the school is exactly situated.

STI College Bacolod is very popular for its specialization in computer-related courses. Two undergraduate programs available at this tertiary school in Bacolod City are Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, as well as Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. On the other hand, for those who prefer to take two-year courses, this institution offers Associate in Computer and Electronics Technology and Associate in Information Technology. For the knowledge of everyone who are interested in studying and enrolling at this school, it accepts cross enrollees, transferees, returnees and foreign students.

When it comes to facilities, students have nothing to worry since this school use modern technologies. In addition, all of the computer systems that students can use in this place are well maintained. Furthermore, the school uses licensed software and computer programs to ensure that students will not encounter problems while studying in this institution.

With the aim of promoting good quality of education about information technology, STI College was established in the early 1980s. After several years, this educational institution expanded and opened branches in the other provinces in the Philippines, including Bacolod. Since the establishment of STI College Bacolod in the late 1980s, many students in the area who want to excel in the field of information technology and computer science enrolled in this institution, which led to the addition of several undergraduate programs. In order to study in this school, students should prepare at least 15,000 pesos for their tuition fees. However, students who are economically challenged have nothing to worry since it has scholarship grants and financial assistance programs.