The Cavern Restobar in Bacolod City - Philippines

Serving people delicious international dishes, the Cavern Restobar is easily one of the nicest dining establishments in the whole of Bacolod City. Patterned after the world-renowned bar in Liverpool, England, this Bacolod restaurant offers an extensive menu that includes tasty appetizers, sumptuous entrees, and delectable desserts. With a budget of 200 pesos to 300 pesos, customers of this place can enjoy at least two or three of the in-house specialties. Likewise, many people visit this venue to enjoy special drinks and different kinds of alcoholic beverages.

The Cavern Restobar is somewhat famous in Bacolod City, especially for fans of the iconic and legendary rock band called the Beatles. To go with such nice and pleasant music, this Bacolod restaurant serves super tasty treats, one of which is the so-called Moroccan Harira Soup, which is famous amongst food aficionados all throughout the city. Many customers love this particular dish, a special recipe derived from the very first meal that Muslims usually consume after days and weeks of fasting called Ramadan. This interesting and appetizing treat is known for its pleasant taste and delightful flavor.

The ambiance inside the Cavern Restobar in Bacolod City is very nice. As the nice, gentle, and soothing music plays at the background, customers of this fine Bacolod restaurant and bar guzzle up some bottles of beer, imported wines, and other special cocktails. The food servers are very nice and polite, and are always ready to provide customers fast and efficient services. For those individuals who need to go online, this place provides wireless Internet connectivity, which is intended primarily for the exclusive use of customers.

The location of the Cavern Restobar in Bacolod City is within Sorrento Building, which is situated along 13th Street. Right inside, customers are treated very well. There are comfort rooms for both female and male customers. The seats are comfortable, the tables very presentable, and the floors of this impressive Bacolod restaurant are maintained well. The lightings add a cozy overall feel to the place, and so is the casual and cheerful atmosphere that oozes from the inside out. This dining facility features an extensive menu, highlighting a long list of appetizing treats starting from appetizers, snacks, and other sumptuous meals. The place also serves grilled specialties, sizzling plates, as well as yummy desserts.

For more information about the Cavern Restobar in Bacolod City, visit it within Sorrento Building along 13th Street. Moreover, people who want to know more about this cozy Bacolod restaurant can call the telephone number (034)-433-8687. The friendly staff and management of the place are very much ready to receive the requests of interested customers.