The Negros Showroom

One of the most popular shopping places in Bacolod City that features local handicrafts, the Negros Showroom is situated at the ground level of Lourdes C. Building along Lacson Street. Many local tourists and foreigners who spend some time in the area pay a visit to this place since all the available products are made from good quality materials. For people who want to see this showroom, they can cruise to Bacolod seaport or they can ride in flights bound to the citys airport. As they reach these places, it will be easy for them to find this Bacolod shopping place because several public utility vehicles have routes that will pass Lacson Street.

As they enter the Negros Showroom, customers can find numerous beautiful products that have affordable prices. Their Bacolod shopping experience is not complete if they will not purchase keepsakes and souvenir items from this shop like jewelry boxes, native picture frames, and native bags. Aside from this, tourists can also avail cheap but high quality house wares at this place such as bowls, decorative trays, and dinnerwares. Moreover, tourists and residents in the city who want to buy cheap home furnishings, they can check out furniture like sofa set, dining set, and cabinets.

For people who like to collect dress accessories can always visit the Negros Showroom because it sells different fashionable items like bracelets and earrings with pearls and gems. This Bacolod shopping place also takes pride in the high quality footwear and beautiful t-shirts that it offers to customers. Above all, to tourists who want to taste the local treats and delicacies in Bacolod City, they can buy sweet appetizers at this place like meringue and barquillos.

For tourists who want to purchase home furnishings should allot 5,000 pesos to 20,000 pesos. Meanwhile, customers who like to buy accessories, keepsakes, house wares, and treats can purchase several items or products if they will allocate 300 pesos to 700 pesos.

The Negros Showroom was established by the Association of Negros Producers in the late 1980s. With the aim of promoting the handicrafts and local products in Negros Occidental, this association started to attract manufacturers of local furnishings, handicrafts, and sweet treats in the province. After several years, it was able to lure at least 30 manufacturers and entrepreneurs to become members of the association and to feature some of their products at this Bacolod shopping place. For inquiries about the Negros Showroom, they can contact any of the staff of the shopping place at (034) 433-8833.