West Negros University in Bacolod City - Philippines

One of the most renowned and premier tertiary schools found along Burgos Street within Barangay Villamonte in Bacolod City, West Negros University aims to promote the quality of life of locals in the area by helping students become competitive professionals. Students will not have difficulties going to this place since most public utility vehicles such as taxis and jeepneys travel along the area where the school is exactly located. For those who will be coming from the other cities in the Philippines like Cebu City and Manila City, they can reach this educational institution in two ways.

First, people from the cities can reach the place for less than an hour if they take flights to Bacolod airport. At the airport, numerous cabs can transport them to the campuses of West Negros University. Second, they can cruise from Manila City and Cebu City to Bacolod seaport. From Cebu, the approximate travel time is seven hours, while those who will be coming from Manila can reach the place for not less than 18 hours. From this port, people can find jeepneys, which will travel along Burgos Street.

Those who want to study at West Negros University, they can enroll in numerous undergraduate and graduate courses available at this tertiary school in Bacolod City. Some of the degree programs that this educational institution offers are Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Other interesting courses that people can try in this university are Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, as well as Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering. To accommodate graduate students who want to enhance their knowledge in various fields, they can enroll in any of its graduate programs including Doctor in Public Administration, as well as Master in Nursing.

Baptist leaders, namely Teresa Padilla, Luciana Aritao, and Rosario Remitio, founded West Negros University in 1948. Aside from the aim of improving the quality of education in the area, it also desires to promote the understanding of students on Christian ideologies. Since the establishment of this tertiary school in Bacolod City, every year a great number of college students enroll in the academic programs available in this university. In addition, financially challenged students may not experience troubles regarding their finances because the school offers financial aid programs and scholarship grants to them. By allocating 10,000 pesos to 20,000 pesos, per semester for their tuition fees, college students can register in any of the undergraduate courses at this institution.